Traffic Junky VS Traffic Factory VS ExoClick


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Feb 20, 2015
So the only adult traffic provider I was mostly impressed with out of the three was Traffic Junky. Exoclick was a little too dark for me (if you guys know what I mean. I feel that my ad will be shown in front of some twisted german freak watching underground child pornography if I were to buy ExoClick traffic), there was too many Czech sites that looked like forced videos. And Traffic Factory really relies on the creativity of your ad to pay less for higher rankings in ad spots. So Traffic Factory was just a tad more expensive, but I prefer Traffic Junky mostly.

As low as $0.05 USD per 1K impressions, is too good to think twice about.

But for the traffic buyers out there (more specifically adult traffic buyers), do you have some pointers from past experience?

The only obstacle I am hurtling is conversions! When testing all three networks at the same time (which was a very very very bad idea) I had no clue where most of the traffic was coming from. Of course the friendly ad platform they offer, gave me statistics on just the clicks, Google was helping me with more specific stats. But as more and more research is done, most of the ads on porn sites take you to a landing page, mostly a CHEESY LANDING PAGE! So as I am very new to the adult niche, do cheesy landing pages only work in the adult niche?

Any feedback or some pointers on where I should conduct more research on would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :)
When looking for conversions, it's important to look at the offer you're promoting. An offer promoting the same content the guy is getting for free on a tube site is not going to convert well. At CrakRevenue there are a number of offers you can promote that do quite well with traffic from these networks. In fact you'll probably already see ads on tube sites for the Porn Survey (it's the best converting offer from tube traffic currently). Split test as many offers as you can to find the sweet spot. You'll also want to see what others are advertising in certain geos so you can cover an area that others aren't. you don't want to drive the price up by promoting the same offer as three or four other buyers!
Hello , do you think buying traffic from JT for my chaturbate room will help me ? Thank you so much for your answers .
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