Traffic Exchange Websites - From the Website Owner & Operator's Perspective

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    Hiya All,

    Hoping to learn more about setting up and operating a traffic exchange website (hopefully profitably and without lawsuits). :)

    For the purpose of this post, a "traffic exchange" would be a website where people can go sign up (for free and/or buy credits) for an account or membership. Thereafter, Member A might place some HTML code on her website, which then "serves" or shows other peoples' advertisements Member A's website. In return, Member A's advertisements might then be shown on Member X's website and Member X's ad would be shown on yet another member's website. The traffic exchange website owner might be able to advertise her own ads at a higher frequency or with some advantage but essentially the traffic exchange benefits all members because they can get free targeted traffic to their websites.

    Rather than come to the table empty-handed, here are some traffic exchange scripts I found on g00gle:
    a) hxxp://w3.traffice*xchangescript.c0m/


    c) hxxp://w3.phptraffic*dx.c0m/

    In BHW forum, there are some mentions of traffic exchanges here:


    Here are some questions or areas for discussion, please, everyone:

    1) Would you think that using Traffic Exchanges are viable, sustainable methods of targeted traffic generation?

    2) (Especially if you are operating or have operated a traffic exchange), What might be the more efficient/effective methods of driving traffic to the site initially for the purpose of initial membership recruitment?

    3) What might be a good critical mass of members to have to kick start your whole traffic exchange website, at the beginning?

    4) What are important areas to pay attention to, in terms of member support and member relationship management? In a sense, we want to "teach" members to use the features and facilities over and over again, and encourage them to tell their friends and business associates.

    5) What are some of the possible problems (e.g. spam, abuse, fraud) and what are some of the ways of avoiding problems and complaints (objectionable materials/offers, non-targeted offers by members who abuse
    the system)?

    6) Would you have tips, advice or suggestions to fast track success and profits for the new owner/operator of a traffic exchange?

    7) Any other thoughts, ideas, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, folks.

    P.S. I might be away for a week or so due to some personal reasons but I'll be sure to stay tuned and respond once I'm back. Thank you.:eek:
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    I would give this tread a stamp above because none replys and i think it's still an interesting topic ...

    I'm also search this kind of info to run a TE-site...somebody that make sence ?

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    Traffic exchange is the way to go as far as I am concerned. If I have a site that is converting at 10% why not pass off the other 90% to other sites in exchange for mutual advertising. Traffic would grow exponentially, I am sure.
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    Have to agree with Choronzon, adult sites have been using similar tactics for years and they're still effective.

    Mainstream sites exchanging exit traffic with related sites is probably the best traffic idea I've ever come across... it just doesn't get done enough, or very well when it is setup.

    Either the exchanges don't target the traffic and exchange sites very well, for example someone leaving a jewelery site shouldn't be hit with a NASCAR site, they should be served another jewelery site, or a lingerie site--something that targets the visitor by what they're browsing already.

    Also most site owners usually don't participate with their quality sites on the chance that 1 or 2 of their leaving visitors might return some day and they don't want to risk them finding something somewhere else in the exchange.

    To me that's silly, I'll give up a customer here or there to be able to introduce my sales copy to an additional large group of new visitors any day. But, that's not how everyone thinks.

    Those are the 2 big hurdles for any exchange in my opinion, being able to really target the exchange sites to the traffic and creating an exchange of quality sites rather than a bunch of crap.
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    I agree 100% with scb335 !

    It's as seen your concurrence as a partner to create a win-win on the long term..
    But most people does not seen so far and they see only the short term money...

    Somebody else still want to post their opinion ?
    TIA !


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    I have my own traffic exchange that I just got off the ground this week ( Stay away from the TrafficDX script. All owners say it is difficult to customize. The most popular are ljscript, ventrino, and TCNTE To answer your questions:

    1. They are very viable and sustainable, but a lot of hard work to get started. I've only been up and running a few days, and only have 16 members, and I spend at least 3-5 hours per day in the control panel on settings.

    2. As far as getting traffic, other exchange owners suggest advertising on other traffic exchanges. According to them, that is the best way.

    3. Its nice to have a lot of members, but not likely unless you have a list in place (which I don't) or you JV with other TE owners (which I haven't, yet).

    4. Everyone likes something different, but everything is important. Especially customer service.

    5. The Ventrino script that I use detects those activities and sends you a report. From there, you can ignore it, warn the member, or ban the member. Be careful because some infractions are honest mistakes like clicking the wrong confirmation button.

    6. Network with other owners ( and soak up as much info as possible. I did my research for almost 2 months before getting my feet wet. It is a very guarded industry, and they don't give up info easy. I'm willing to help anyone that is trying to make progress. If you do go to that forum, read, and search before you ask a single question. If it has been answered somewhere before, they are reluctant to answer it again, but some will. A lot will try to discourage you from getting in the business, because a lot of fly by night sites have ruined the TE reputation. Take a look though, it might be worth your time.

    7. Nothing at the moment.

    Your welcome.