Traditional Blogging Journey E02: How to Select a Topic For Your Blog?


Dec 30, 2017
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You remember our announcement yesterday, right? We decided that we will be doing one of those traditional blogs (not affiliate, not Adsense, not cpa but a combination of everything when it comes to monetization) and our goal is to take it to a 4 figure number by the end of 2018.

Today, we will talk about how to select a topic for your blog. Please note that I will be giving you advice from my own experience and it might not be the same as some of the 'gurus'. This is how I go about it. That's it.

Here're the Things You Should Keep In Mind When Selecting a Topic

1. It has to be of your interest

Trust me, if that's not the case, you will end up creating a new website in every 2 months. You will lose interest from the first one in a month. I have been there on multiple occasions and I know how it feels. It has to be of your interest, at least a little bit.

2. Value Is Important

Just because you like soccer, doesn't mean that you will keep on talking about soccer on your website without understanding much of it. It is important that you add value to your website for readers. "Liking" something is not enough to create a website around that topic. You have to be able to deliver at least some sort of expertise on that topic.

3. Has to Have an Audience

I really don't think you need to have a super big audience to create a blog on that topic but you have to have something. The example that I always give to my students is that if you create a website on how to take care of your ceiling fan, it might not be the best idea as the topic doesn't simply have any AUDIENCE.

On the other hand, if you talk about some weird dieting exercise, I am sure that it will have some audience. Having a massive target audience is not important but it is important that you have at least some.

If I compare it with the business world, you can think of the TAM theory. TAM basically tells us the total addressable market and according to Silicon Valley goons, it should be from 30-100 mil. for you to start a business in that category. We are not looking to go that big but there has to be a TAM.

That's pretty much the core of what I keep in mind when I select a topic. It is no rocket science. Yes, I do heavy keyword research when I build affiliate or local lead gen sites but I don't do any of those when I create a regular topic based blog. I only focus on these big pillars.

That's it for today. Tomorrow will be the 1st of Jan so Happy New Year everyone. We will talk about domains tomorrow and then on the next day, we will probably buy ours.

Happy to answer questions.