Trade Yelp Reviews (local CA business)


Oct 3, 2017
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I am looking to trade yelp reviews to help a Real Estate Agent friend of mine. He already has 5 stars and is a legitimate agent, just most of the clients he helps don't use Yelp, so when they create an account just to leave him a 5 star review, it gets auto flagged and moved to "not recommended".

I have a local seasoned Yelp account based out of Los Angeles, CA that I can review you on. Also if you just generalize what you'd like me to say, I'm good with words and can write novels. Add me on Sk ype (sdsk8r), and let's trade!

I also know how to avoid getting flagged (search for the business, don't enter in off a link. Always type out review, don't copy & paste, and take 5+ mins when you're writing it out).