[trade] MY graphic design services for YOUR affiliate marketing coaching

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    i'm launching my first website in the next 8 weeks - an online music community. i've done a lot of research on seo/IM, and am nearly finished with my business plan and marketing strategies.

    while i feel my site concept is solid, i'm pretty wet behind the ears concerning affiliate marketing, banner/ad sales, etc. and would like to speak with a seasoned professional before i launch, just to make sure i'm covering all of my bases.

    if you're an established member who would be willing to trade a couple hours of coaching for my graphic design services, let me know!


    here's some samples from different types of jobs (i can do webdesign as well). all work will be completed by me, before scheduling the consultation with you. pm me or respond here if you're interested. thanks!
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