Trade Adult niche PR 1 sitewide BL for ???

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    Hey guys, just wanted to give you the heads up. Sometimes emailing site owners or picking up the phone helps!

    Anyway I have an acquaintance, that runs an adult membership website. He gave me a link to post MY OWN banners and adds in his discount section. To my surprise the entire site is PR 1 so any banners I place show up on every page of the site and the discount I posted shows up on one page.

    He also has 800 members so that is another set of eyes to view your ads.

    Anyway my proposal is I will show you how to regsiter for this program so you can upload your own banner or coupon in exchange for something SEO related.

    Perhaps a link from your site to mine? Maybe a mini link push? Maybe an article? I dont know you tell me!!

    Here is the deal though, I will not accept OTHER adult membership sites because I dont want to bring him his competition. Another thing, if you are overdoing it I will let him know and have you removed, also if you screw me over, I will let him know and have you removed.

    But if you can play nice you will have link(s) on a young site that is already PR 1 and likely will be higher in the future. Its only aged since Feb of this year so it can be a much stronger link down the road too!! I know you are thinking "so what?" That's fine by me but from the little I am learning relevant and contextual backlinks are far better tan random backlinks on spammy blogs.
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