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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by fakeplastictrees, Sep 10, 2008.

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    Aug 15, 2008
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    I recently ran into some problems on C*J for DLing and tra*demark biddi*ng. I'm new so it could have been because i originally didn't block the ref URL's, but any decent affiliate program manager or decent quality control person probably would have caught me. Anyway, no warning simply banned and commissions reversed.

    Do you all think I was caught because I didn't originally block ref URL's or do u think it was the aff account managers. I never got an email from any account managers, only from C*J. I only used 2ndary search engines and made sure someone was running on a primary before I moved on to the 2ndary engines.

    I was wondering, are other aff networks (particularily L*S and S*A*S) more lax about this kind of stuff? Should I just be OK if i block ref URLs? Do account managers not usually care and it is more the quality team and network protecting their own asses????
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    I was blocking refs for the yah00 aff program on CJ and they threatened to ban me if I didn't start showing refs, so I had to make a landing page for them.

    They said it is CJ's policy that you must show refs, not yah00s, so apparently even for other cj advertisers I would have to show refs

    according to my jackass AM anyways
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