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    Gone To The Dark Side
    while jotting down some ideas on my whiteboard

    I remembered there were people doing this when i was in
    Hong-Kong down at the harbor

    There were takeing pictures of tourists using the harbor
    lights as the backdrop

    you could hang out at the local tourist hotspots, beauty
    spots taking pictures of them next to tour attractions
    and so on

    you could also do seasonal photo-booths in shopping malls
    and with seasonal back drops think valentines day.

    you could do novelty dress up sort of old wild west thems

    Baby and kids is also a good niche as parents like to keep
    little mementos

    I remember when my son was born there was a woman came
    round the ward charging $65 to take pictures of the new born
    baby's in the ward

    you could see if your local hospital offers a similar service if not
    ask if you can offer your services possibly donate a little to the
    hospital to persuade (bribe)

    Offer every one that has there picture taken entered into a
    cutest baby of the year competition

    you could print the picture off there and then for them or you
    could upload them to your site getting the users info to create
    a Login account for them to view there pictures and order prints

    you could also add photo gifts similar to

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    Gone To The Dark Side
    Lets Make this More Interesting

    Sleep with a Porn Star Cash

    Buy some amateur porn content pictures
    and video clips you want this to be pov,
    hand job, lap dance, full sex, for reasons
    ill explain later

    Setup a landing page with solo pictures
    of your content seeking average
    Joe's to star in your next amateur
    full sex porn shoot

    write a short sales letter explaining
    how your model is looking for the bloke
    next door style guy to star in her next
    porn shoot to give an authentic amateur
    feel to it and that it will be
    a point of view style shoot so his face
    wont be in the shoot allowing for total

    on your landing page setup a form
    collecting all contact details and 3
    pictures front view side view rear view
    to make it seem more authentic

    at this point

    request a $29,99 admin fee explain its to
    weed out time wasters. (i choose $29,99 as this
    is what most guys pay for the first month on an adult
    dating site)

    The up-sell

    Wait a few days then email the Mark explaining
    hes been short listed but required to complete
    an HIV test to safe guard the model as it will
    be an unprotected shoot

    here you have 2 options

    1 - forward him to a home testing kit
    affiliate and ask him to fax the certificate to
    you upon receiving the results.

    setup a fax to email number to allow this
    to happen

    2 - setup a po box and ask the mark to send you
    a oral swab and "lab fee" then send him back a
    fake clean bill of health certificate

    set up another page on your domain and password
    protect it, this is where your going to upload the
    rest of the content of the model with pov scenes
    full sex scenes hand job scenes lap dances create
    a fake dvd box cover,

    Wait a further few days and explain to the mark
    that he was unsuccessful in his application but
    has been shortlisted for consideration in future

    To make it seem more authentic also send the
    mark the link and password to the password
    protected page claiming it was the shoot and
    the contestant winner in the clips

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    I read the first word of every line, but it didn't make sense, which must mean, you're for real.
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    @Pyronix That's one long joke! :p

    @OP Yeah, but here's what I would do. Way, way more simpler, way more money to be made, way better in every way!

    Ok, so go to your tourist attraction, if you live in a city, you are lucky as hell as I live out in the country so I don't have access to this stuff. If you don't live at somewhere that is naturally a tourist area (ie. California beaches, orlando florida, etc) then here's where you go: To sporting events. Just wonder around, find people in jersey's offer to take their picture. Dress professionally.

    Next, give them a business card or a small piece of paper the size of a business card with you website. Leave instructions on the card. Tell them both in person and on the card to go to the website, click today's date, find their picture and they can print it off. Inside the sport events, I am always offered this by arena staff.

    Next, have a script to watermark the photo with the word "Sample", or something.

    Charge them like $5-$10 to have it emailed to them and they can print it off. It may seem simple but very effective if your very quiet and stealthy about it, just like the ticket scalpers.

    The people going to these games have money. No they might not be loaded, but they have money to spend.

    But wait, it gets better. If you go after the game, everyone's hammered and the chances of you taking their picture is high.

    I know in Buffalo, NY at the HSBC Arena, there is a tram where everyone goes after the game to get a free ride down town to the hotels and clubs.

    If you live in Toronto, go to a Toronto Maple Leafs games, now that's different. I know everyone who goes to those games have some money because the demand for those tickets are unbelievable! They want $72,000 for seasons tickets (or that's what they told us) while other teams are under $10,000. So going there, you have a higher chance of them being able to afford this photo.

    Hope I inspired you. However, next time a thread like this is probably better in the Offline Marketing section.

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    Gone To The Dark Side
    No just one long hangover BHW Login should come with a breathalyser attached

    Waking up to read this is like waking up next to a fat chick thinking did i didn't i

    the tourist cash i wouldn't waste my time on and thanks for the simplification of the idea

    but i do like the bang a porn-star idea i just need to translate it from drunken mumble to the queens English