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Tourism & Sport Platform - Looking for new ways to increase earnings

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by FLYqtFLY, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Aug 23, 2012
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    Hello there BlackHat Amigos!

    First of all, let me introduce myself. I already know some privileged minds in here, have been kindly asking for suggestions and receiving countless advices which have been really useful in my BH skills development.
    I have been working in music & tourism marketing during most of my life. During last years I managed to integrate my computer skills in the equation, and have been developing sucesful pure-white-hat social media campaigns in those areas. It was during that time that I began having curiosity on black hat related issues, sometimes I was suspicious about certain competitors practices, I did not rest til I found out what they were doing, it was fun cos most of the time I got to meet the guys behind those tacticts and made some interesting connections.

    Recently I got which seem to be a really interesting job, at least that´s what I thought at the beginning.
    Suddenly I was in charge of turning a one-year-long horrible tourism&sport site into something productive. The shareholders of the company spent over 150000$ on the supposed full development of the site, even ran a couple of online marketing campaigns with no success. The obvious reason for this was: lack of content creation, no interest in social media channels, awful site design, etc etc. Basically those guys don´t know a damn shit about internet, they made a fortune during the Brick Boom here in Spain, and when the crisis hit us, they invested some of their money on this (they have been ripped off by the technological company which developed the platform).
    I guess most of you know the situation here in Spain. WE ARE FUCKED! At least we are gonna be for a few years because of guys like these.
    I get paid 1000$ a month and I am in charge of the full redevelopment of the site. I have been working 16 hours a day / 7 days a week reconstructing everything. Right know I am awaiting the integration of my own redesign and I am focusing on SEO. Meanwhile, I have been applying some of the BH learnt skills driving more traffic to the site, increasing rankings,..., useful stuff also for my personal development.

    I dont mind getting poorly paid, because considering the situation here in Spain, I have to be grateful to my luck. But Im sick of guys like these, those bastards deserve being ripped (but not by large technological companies, like the one which developed the site), because they are the ones who ruined this country.

    This is why I´m asking you guys on possible suggestions towards increasing the site´s, and more in particular, my "personal" earnings.
    The shareholders (let me repeat you, they don´t know a shit about technology, they just know how to look into analytics to check daily visitors ;-) after one year of loses, found out that maybe they could make some money out of ads (they just made a couple of local agreements), so they decided to integrate some banners in order to gain some money (they had not realize yet that they had to rebuild the site in order to attract visitors).

    Here comes my topic, Could you point my on the right directions on how to to achieve my objetive? Right know, after extensive research, I have some ideas, but I still have 10 days til the site is fully functional, so I want to make some further research. Also, in case any of you are interested in some kind of JV, proposals are welcomed.

    By the way, "my" site in focused on tourism and golf in the south of Spain (best golfing area in Europe), and we function as a large database, and a trip planner tool.

    Please, PM in case you need details about the site. I will answer and debate all suggestions received, but please remember, I am a good guy and my country is almost ruined, so don´t try to rip my off. I just want to keep learning, increase my well deserve earning, and make some BlackHat amigos.

    Cheers everyone, I really appreciate if you had the patience to read such a lot of blablabla.

    Hasta la vista!