Total Searches vs Visits in my site doubts!


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Oct 13, 2009
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Hi all

I just started my first WH blog for a low competition KW just to get started.

I am studying and playing with Market Samurai, by the way I think is a great piece of software.

So my doubt is: Market Samurai says my KW is having 1,5k searches Daily, my blog is about 2 weeks old, now I am sitting on #5 for my main KW ( I am getting better day by day) But I am ONLY getting 2 visits a day, YES 2!!!

So my question this normal?

I mean #5 for a keyword which is having 1.5k searches daily, should I expect at least 20 visits in order with my ranking or I am wrong?

Thanks all in advance, and sorry for my English

P:S Also "SEOT" for the KW is 700, that in MS means maxium visisits you can expect from the KW if you are #1
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