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    so i decide to start building my own site to make some money :p
    Found a niche with about 70,000 searches/month and low competition according to google adwords.
    If i search for this in google the top searches are articles about that niche from popular news/enrtainment sites for example:
    Let's say my niche is " World war 2 video games"
    If you google this, the results we'll be some articles from ign/gamespot and 1-2 youtube videos.
    So my questions are:
    Should i go for this? Is 70,000 searches/month a good number? and will it be easy for a total noob to get his website to the first results? And if yes

    What im planning to do is to find as much information as i can about the things i'll promote and fill the website with these information using
    pics, descriptions, charts etc
    I was thinking to create a wordpress site but with what i have in my mind a wiki would also do the job (like the .wikia sites for tv series,movies etc)
    What do you think? wordpress or wiki?
    For me, it'll me much easier to build a wiki but i have the feeling it is a really bad idea :p
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    Saylor,Web Saylor
    You should start with a much much lower project and see if you can rank that. Find a low competition keyword with 1000-3000 global searches, and build a site around it and it's long tails.
    Also the competition from adwords keyword planner is not what you think. That is the competition that you have when bidding on that term. Check forum or google to learn how to check your competition.

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