TOR - Dark Web Marketplaces

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Sep 20, 2023
Does TOR - Dark Web Marketplaces really works ? So I see that there are a lot of marketplaces who sell products with really cheap price and offer services for cloned CC and other stuff but are they real.

Can you share some marketplaces which are tested from any forum member ?
i've never tried carding from the DNM but i can tell you that there are real vendors there. Just watch your back and disable javascript.
Dread is like the Reddit of the darknet and has great info on which markets are well estsblished. On those markets you can check ratings and reviews. Some markets exit scam, but personally I've only not received my order of drugs in the mail once because my vendor was caught by law enforcement.
I think you should stay away from that kind of stuff. First of all, you'll almost definitely get scammed and get might even get in trouble with the law (for a good reason). Second, since you mentioned cloned CC stuff, do you think it is nice to "play" with other people's hard earned money? Not cool man....
Not open for further replies.
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