Topical Authority

what is benefit of becoming a topical authority in blog?
Long term rankings and reduced fear of algorithm updates.

What is Topical Authority? I want to know.
It is a state of website where you are considered by search engines as one of the most well covered and cheapest to serve sources for the topic. Coined by Koray Tugberk Gubur.
do you know how i can get authority?
Focus on developing content around topics NOT keywords and cover that topic EXTENSIVELY!

Even if a keyword has 0 monthly searches but the topic it´s highly relevant for your business? - COVER IT!

Make sure to include on the copy of each content elements that proves you´re an expert in that field.

Focus on topic clusters and move down the rabbit hole from there.
it may make all your topically related articles go up in rankings in addition to possibly making your new articles rank faster. best way to do it is to target all possible topics that make sense for your niche no matter how small the search volume. the more different and unique topics you can cover, the better
do you know how i can get authority?

You probably can't, if you haven't even figured out this very site is already filled with info about that. But if you decide to actually dig in, you can learn something and maybe in a few years you can get your site there.
Topical authority refers to a website's credibility on a specific subject, gained through quality content, backlinks, and user engagement,best way to do it is to target all possible topics that related your niche ranking it higher in search engine results
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