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TOP USA SEO/PPC WANTED- President of Marketing/Dev. Opportunity

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Blackhat Scott, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Blackhat Scott

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    Jan 26, 2008
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    Greetings BHW,

    I'm searching for the Best of the Best of the Best when it comes to web marketing. This forum has some great people in it for sure. I want one of you to be my President of Marketing and Development. Do you got what it takes and the skills to back it up? Great! Then let's do this!

    At this point in my career, I must fully relieve myself of all SEO/PPC/Marketing/Development tasks and focus on building my business to the next level & building my team. For that I need a long-term, right hand man. The ideal person will be on board with the following:

    1. You want to provide the best service possible to our clients and know how to do that. You will be the expert, not me. That is what I will pay you for and expect to receive.

    2. You will head up and run ALL marketing campaigns yourself: PPC, SEO, Rep Management and Web Development. All Client packages will be custom tailored. I will supply you budget based on the client plan and you can spend however you wish to maximize results. (So you are paid upfront like your own businesses within my business) You will be paid for the life of each client residual income.

    3. Although you will not do any selling or prospecting, I will want you readily available to be on conference calls for my sales calls as needed. So excellent communication skills is a must. This means if the business owner requests a call at 9 AM Eastern time or 9pm Eastern time you would need to make yourself available on the call.

    4. Handle client customer service and website edits. I will be CCed on all workflow and not intervene unless there is a problem.

    5. Generate reports as needed for clients. We will NOTdo a standard monthly report. Those will be given out upon request when the client asks for it. You will be responsible for generating those reports.

    6. It must be publicly known that you are the President of Marketing and Operations for my company. This means you do not moonlight for me and several other SEO agencies. You work with me alone.


    1. BS College Degree required in some IT/web/business related field. You can be a self-taught SEO, that’s fine.

    2. You must bring exceptional value to the table. I want the best results for my clients and am willing to invest more money in my clients than any other company would. I expect you to bring the same amount of value and intensity with your SEO, PPC, customer service and website abilities.

    3. We will focus on high-quality work, all white-hat, maybe some grey hat... NO black-hat for this. Our core focus is building long-term relationships and high quality work based on ROI.

    4. I would love to see previous examples of sites you’ve ranked, traffic generated for both local and national campaigns, as well as a sample report.

    5. I want to know the biggest budgets you’ve worked with.

    6. What's your level of expertise with PPC? PPC will be used with almost every client. I don’t need you to be a Google Partner (but that would be a huge plus). I do expect you to be an expert with PPC management. I will know how to quiz you on this so be prepared.

    7. Confidentiality waiver with a non-compete agreement should we work together. In other words, I will be targeting a specific business segment moving forward and you must agree to stay out of that niche for a fixed period of time of 2 years should we ever part ways… But I don’t think you will ever want to part ways with me because you’re going to make more money with me and do better things here than anybody else.

    PM a little about yourself and background. If it looks like a possible match, we'll set up a time to chat on the phone.
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