Top Three and Bottom Three Link Building Software

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    What are your top "go to" and top "avoid like the plague" back-link software?

    Top three backlinking software that actually works.
    And top three avoid like the plague because it will get you in trouble.

    Top "go to" for me:
    MoneyRobot (sorry guys, it really does work)

    I basically use GSA against the URLs from the other tools.

    Top three avoid like the plague:

    SENuke - Sorry, I know some guys really believe in this but I think it's day is past. No confidence in it.
    Magic Submitter - Maybe it works in the right hands but I've seen too many people take a site down with this bad boy.
    Ultimate Demon - What happened here? Did he die? It was a great follow up to the bookmarker and then basically abandoned - BUT STILL FOR SALE. It's use will get you sent to the principal's office FAST.

    Trying to add value here - let's see your list!