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    Well . . . I assume most of you have come across some of my posts in the past.

    I don't take stuff too well sometimes - in fact I am kinda dysfunctional in a lot of ways -

    but -Anyways - here is why I love BHW

    1. -If you are talking shit you get put in your place real fast - I love that - it helps me grow

    2. Stuff turns up here almost faster than I can download it - I Love that too

    3. The amount of $$ this place has saved me !!- I REALLY love that

    4. The fact that the rules are enforced and we don't have to put up with too much BS

    5. The non political nature of the place - really cool

    6. The level of support is AMAZING - I love that too

    7. The universal treatment of every one - noob or vip - you still get respected (or banned) no matter what

    8. The fact that this place has got every area covered (shit list, downloads, lounge, mmol etc etc - Fully fledged)

    9. The flow of w3isdom - I know if I have a prob I can get an answer faster than you can say jack frost half the time - I love that

    10. last but not least - The layout -really easy to use and very user friendly - except for the search function which needs a bit of a touch up

    many thanks to all the mods and admin who work so hard to keep this running so well