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TOP SEO Tools for 2016 that you can really invest on

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by codyjason, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. codyjason

    codyjason Regular Member

    Jun 3, 2015
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    New York
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    1. RankerX - It's based on Web 2.0 technology so you can use RankerX on your browser. You can install RankerX on a server (VPS, dedicated, whatever you like) and use RankerX right from your browser. RankerX has more than 2300+ websites available at any time and can solve captchas automatically through captcha services. Account creator works as amazingly as advertised, posting up to 80% success rate. With RankerX, you basically have everything set for what you need to create your tier 1 backlinks. One-time fee is what you need to pay for to create tier 1 backlinks at ease for a lifetime. Imagine how EASY to use RankerX, just set and go any time, anywhere as it is web-based! The support is also always there to help you, they also check their forum thread here everyday, skype or live chat online to provide you with the best customer support within 24 hours if required.

    2. GSA Search Engine Ranker(5 days Free Trial available) - This is the cheapest and the most powerful solution for tier 2/3 (costs $99 but it worth every penny). I have tested out building tier 2/3 backlinks using GSA SER, most of my links are being indexed and ranked within 2-3 weeks. GSA SER distributes your backlinks to diverse platforms (blogs, social bookmark sites, webs 2.0, more..).

    3. Scrapebox
    - MUST BUY tool that all Internet Marketer should have, as SB has all of the add-on features (Alive Checker, Backlink Checker, ********/NoFollow Check, more..) that a IM should have. However, the main purpose of using Scrapebox is to spam comments to your tier 2 backlinks so that your tier 2 backlinks get indexed by Google fast. Also adding up link juice to tier 2 backlinks.

    4. Autofill Magic (7 days Free Trial available) - A Firefox plugin that can auto-fill up the registration form to create accounts on any website and auto submit your content. Create tier 1 content manually, you will get good targeted traffic and also good PRs for your tier 1 backlinks (usually PR 0 - PR2) all pointing to your money sites boosting your money sites to rank higher and get more quality traffic.

    5. SEnuke XCr (14 days Free Trial available) - Costs $147 per month which is the most expensive software in the SEO world. Senuke XCr does the same thing as Magic Submitter and Ultimate Demon? Why should you spend more money to buy Senuke that do the same thing as Magic Submitter and Ultimate Demon? No point, just go for either Magic Submitter, Ultimate Demon or GSA Search Engine Ranker.
  2. Tove

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    Jun 21, 2015
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    No you definietely not advertise rankerx? I saw you on gsa forum doing same thing last year, same username.
    I like rankerx, but it is lame making fake accounts to advertise your stuff.