Top 5 Networking Sites for the Mega Rich

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    any black hatters offering invites into these networks, please let me

    November 9th, 2008 at 9:57 am
    Top 5 Networking Sites for the Mega Rich
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    Hang out where the rich hang out, and you may become one of them
    Ever wondered where do millionaires and billionaires of the world network? Many of them

    may be patronising Facebook and Orkuts of the world, but many others have `exclusive

    social networks? that are open strictly by invitation.

    Welcome to the social networking for the elite and creame da creame of the society.

    These myspaces of the rich provide them with a platform where they can flirt, swap

    advice, plan parties and find new pals without mixing with the commoners.

    While some of these networks have a rigorous application process based on education,

    job title and many more must-haves, others, such as and Quintessentially are

    relatively lenient.

    Here?s looking into the exclusive social networks.

    1.) aSmallWorld is an exclusive social networking site launched in 2004 by former

    Lehman Brothers banker Erik Wachtmeister.

    With 320,000 members globally, the site was termed `MySpace for millionaires? by Wall

    Street Journal.

    Strictly by invitation only, the social networking site members don?t have to pay any entry

    fee. Newcomers are inducted on the basis of education, profession and most important,

    their network of personal contacts. If you don?t know a member with invite powers, you?re

    out of luck.

    Once invited to join the network, a member can browse the market guide, surf the luxury-

    travel guide and global-event guide, or participate in forum discussions ? one of the

    site?s most active and popular features.

    Members can interact with like-minded individuals who share the same circle of friends,

    interests, and schedules. Members range from entrepreneurial and business opinion

    makers to leaders in media, entertainment, fashion, art and sports.

    Most of the websites content is produced by the members only who offer travel

    suggestions, feedback, lively forum discussions, and other topics of common interest.

    2.) Diamond Lounge is one of the most exclusive sites with small membership. The site

    claims to be a luxury online space aimed at those who want a sophisticated and classy

    alternative to the standard online dating and social networking websites.

    As for membership, ?Our members are eligible, professional individuals who appreciate

    the benefits of an exclusive and private environment where they can date and socialize

    with like minded people.?

    According to owner Arya Marafie, focuses mainly on dating and

    fun, just like an exclusive online club.

    However, according to him, being wealthy won?t automatically get one in the door. The

    person also needs to be interesting and bring something to the table.

    The average age of members is between 35 to 40, significantly older than MySpace or

    Facebook. The signup process is easy and people can create profiles free of charge.

    Potential club members can apply online and will be accepted or declined based on what

    they do and whom they know. Members have to pay a $50 monthly fee.

    The company claims that it spends a tremendous amount of time making sure that they

    select the right club members, because these are the people who will invite the next


    3.) One of the youngest social network for the mega rich, is a free members-only ratings site for consumers who seek and

    enjoy luxury brand `experiences?.

    Started by Luxury Institute, the site offers access to member ratings of several different

    types of service providers, from wealth advisers to art dealers to yacht brokers.

    The company claims that is not as chatty and crowed as the popular

    networking sites. It is mainly a network of member-generated ratings for brands and the

    people behind them.

    Members need to have a minimum net worth of $3 million.

    4.) is a community-generated TV site dedicated to luxury, style and hi-fashion.

    The website features a range of channels to watch from high living, to nightlife to

    style and luxury travel.

    The site features a wide range of channels to watch and enjoy, centered around four

    verticals: high living, nightlife, style and escape.

    To get into one must receive an invitation from an existing member. Alternatively,

    if a user feels he has appropriate content to showcase on the website, he can also

    contact the Square team directly.

    Members of can also upload their own videos and photos and create their own

    channel for others to view. Every video or photograph uploaded by a member is first

    approved by the staff for quality and class.

    5.) Quintessentially is a luxury-lifestyle concierge service started by Prince Charles?s

    nephew. This private members club with a 24-hour global concierge service has offices

    in almost every major city worldwide.

    Membership to Quintessentially is strictly limited, and you can apply online through their

    website. If the application is successful, the user will receive full information along with

    his membership card.

    The membership card entails a variety of benefits right from travel, music, art, food, drink,

    hotels, clubs, spas and restaurants.

    Members can also enjoy exclusive services like getting front row seats at fashion shows,

    find presents in a hurry, attend VIP after-parties, get dinner reservations, go to film

    premieres, book theater tickets, charter yachts and go to charity galas. Most of the

    Quintessentially services and offers can be accessed online.

    There are different levels of Quintessentially membership. The general membership

    provides the full range of Quintessentially services and benefits 24 hours a day, 365

    days a year. The Elite memberships are available by invitation only.

    Via The Times
    [?] of those you hang out with. If you want to be a mega rich superstar, you might be

    interested in the Top 5 Networking Sites for the Mega Rich. __________________

    David Sandusky like an ad agency, but for people w/ the Strategic Career [?]
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    Hijacking Your System
    Many steps ahead & Behind 4 Proxies + double VPN!
    I've a membership in asmallworld .net .... I can invite. Ask me if interested:p
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    I'm down :D
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    I need invites for all of these. I do work in ahigh class luxury niche and have to get my target group online. So if anyone has invites - please send me one.
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    Behind the VPN...
    I'm definately down...
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    Sure, count me in dude :D
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    thanks for the response, i have not been on the forum much lately and completely forgot about this post. dont think i would qualify right now, hope its working well for everyone.