Top 5 AI Tools for Incredible Image Creation

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Aug 3, 2020
Top 5 AI Tools for Incredible Image Creation

Are you fascinated by the world of artificial intelligence and its creative applications? One of the most captivating areas is image creation, where AI-powered tools are producing stunning visuals that were once thought to be the realm of human imagination. Here's a roundup of the top 5 AI tools that are revolutionizing image creation:

DALL•E 2: Leading AI Image Gen with Ease


DALL•E 2 reigns as a prime AI image generator for reasons well-founded. It pioneered captivating image creation, gaining viral traction due to its accessibility. While first isn't always best, DALL•E 2 shines. It's incredibly user-friendly—input, Generate, and in seconds, choose from four AI variations. Not free anymore, but $15 for 115 credits (about $0.13/prompt, $0.0325/variation)—worth it.

Simple yet potent, DALL•E 2 offers features like the beta image editor. Expand generated/uploaded images via out-painting with added frames. The eraser facilitates in-painting and swapping sections with AI elements. Empower your art with DALL•E 2's prowess.

Midjourney: Unparalleled Image Quality with Discord-Exclusive Quirks

Midjourney excels in delivering consistently superior AI-generated images, standing as a pinnacle of visual excellence among its peers. Its creations boast enhanced coherence, textures, and vibrant colors, rendering visually captivating results. Notably, Midjourney excels in crafting lifelike depictions of people and real-world objects, even in its latest version, earning the distinction of being the first AI generator to triumph in art competitions.

However, a notable drawback is its exclusive integration with Discord. To utilize Midjourney, you must engage with the platform, a quirk that may deter some users. Additionally, all generated images are automatically shared publicly within Midjourney's Discord community, fostering collaboration but potentially posing privacy concerns for business users. Despite these peculiarities, Midjourney's robust help documentation simplifies the learning curve, unlocking the potential for truly remarkable results.

DreamStudio: Empowering AI Artistry with Unparalleled Control

DreamStudio stands out as a free-credit offering AI image generator with exceptional affordability and customization. While yielding potent results, a steeper learning curve and somewhat unintuitive editing tools are notable challenges.

In contrast to DALL•E 2 and Midjourney, Stable Diffusion emerges as an open-source solution, empowering users with technical proficiency to run it locally and tailor the model for specific purposes. This approach underpins various AI-generated services. Alternatively, DreamStudio, a robust public app, offers substantial control through sliders to determine image size, alignment with prompts, diffusion steps, and model versions. Credit-based, DreamStudio starts with 25 free credits and extends your AI journey through purchasable credits, enabling the ultimate AI exploration.

Adobe's Firefly: AI-Infused Creative Canvas

After over a decade of embedding AI tools, Adobe introduced its text-to-image generator—Firefly, available in beta. Experiment via the web or Adobe Express, but its prime performance emerges in the latest Photoshop beta, exclusive to Creative Cloud subscribers.

Firefly, Adobe's AI model, offers diverse functionality. It crafts images from text, generates text effects, recolors vector art, and integrates AI elements. While text-to-image results vary, the standout is its integration with Photoshop through Generative Fill. Seamlessly replacing selected areas with context-aware AI creations, is a game-changer for design cohesion.

Craiyon: AI Artistry for All

Craiyon, formerly DALL•E Mini, invites both curious newcomers and seasoned artists to explore AI graphic generation with its user-friendly platform. The free version, supported by ads, offers a starting point for AI artistry, making it accessible to all.

For those seeking an enhanced experience, paid subscription plans grant perks like faster generation, ad-free navigation, watermark-free artwork, and more. Craiyon not only generates basic AI art but also caters to customization, allowing users to refine styles and parameters. Moreover, it offers a unique printing service, enabling the creation of AI-generated image prints on t-shirts, and expanding its creative horizons.

The world of AI-powered image creation is evolving rapidly, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and creativity. Whether you're an artist, a designer, or simply curious about the fusion of technology and art, these top 5 AI tools provide an exciting entry point into the realm of AI-generated visuals. Embrace the future of creativity and embark on a journey of endless artistic innovation!​
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I think this belongs to the A.I. section. Really helpful though.
Which is the best for slogans and making cool looking t-shirt designs that contain only words? has been pretty solid for me. Pretty much free since credits refresh everyday.
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