Top 3 Website Ideas You Have Ever Seen!?

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    Hello guys!
    so I have decided it would be interesting to hear your top 3 picks for small-medium sized website ideas. Please avoid businesses like facebook or youtube (the ones your both parents know).

    I don`t browse the internet much (I work on my stuff most of the time) so I am sure your sites will be much cooler than mine.
    This site pops out all the time you put a 'xcompany coupon code' query into the google search. If you want to take a look at the coupon code you have to click on the 'show me the code' link and become a referral of the site. I can`t even imagine how many affiliate commissions they collect daily.

    2) I remember thinking 'how amazing is that? I wish I would have thought about that' 10 years ago. The guy sold out every single pixel and became a millionaire in a really short time.

    3) Fiverr. Hate it or love it their idea is simple, clear and awesome. No wonder why the 'fiverr clone' script was/is so popular.

    Can`t wait to see your picks guys! Don`t hesitate and post at least two if it`s too hard for you to come up with 3!