Top 20 Affiliate and CPA Network as voted by the people

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by akacash, Nov 6, 2010.

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    So I got an email from one of the networks I promote telling me about this survey taken by an independent company that rates affiliate and cpa networks from information that pub's like us would write. I filled it out and wrote a little bit about each network I have had some experience on, good or bad. Well anyway I got the results back and thought someone might benefit from seeing them. I doubt there's going to be any ground-breaking information for the veterans but the list might be helpful to some new people looking for sponsors. I'm still fairly new here myself so please don't abuse me to bad I just thought it could help someone because there were a couple companies on here I hadn't heard of. Ok so after I wrote this whole thing out and did everything they decided to tell me I can't post links until I've been a member a little longer or I can donate to post now. lol. anyway the 2 lists are on you'll see a top20 menu or bluebook you can click on either and it'll take you there. have a great day everyone =)