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Top 10 Search Modifiers: Why They Matter, What They Are & How To Use Them

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Asif WILSON Khan, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Top 10 Search Modifiers: Why They Matter, What They Are & How To Use Them


    Google is working hard to improve search, and it?s doing such a great job that the general public doesn?t seem to be noticing. With the inclusion of personalization, localization, customization, and with the depth of data Google knows and understands about the average user, it?s easy to overlook how much goes into making a useful (intuitive) search.

    Especially when you factor in how little the average person understands Google, or how Google search actually works.
    Yet despite Google?s improvement, or perhaps because of it, people seem to be losing their ability to perform advanced searches within Google ? something I?d define as critical to navigating the Web efficiently and effectively, especially as a search marketer.
    In fact, Google recently released news of a major update ? Hummingbird ? specifically designed to help users with complex searches.

    Advanced search is extremely important. Google recently released an update, Hummingbird, that?s specifically targeted at improving complex searches, likely due to the natural language used via voice search.

    Google search has improved immensely since it was released 15 years ago. So much so, in fact, that I believe people have a hard time truly remembering what search used to be like. But despite this continued improvement, relying on Google limits your own ability to search efficiently and effectively.
    Don?t become over-reliant on Google?s search technology. Remembering 10 simple search modifiers and using them creatively can give you the power to search like a pro.

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