Top 10 Facebook Scams

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    Chair moistener.
    NOTE: Don't get any ideas, kiddies...

    1. Profile Viewers and Profile Blockers - These scams promise to show you who has been looking at your profile or who has blocked you from theirs. NONE of these apps work. Facebook doesn't give the developers access to the data required to create them.

    2. Free iPads & iPhones ? Don't be fooled by messages stating you can test and keep an iPad, iPhone etc. These are all marketing gimmicks.

    3. Free Facebook Credits ? This scam is targeted for the gamers on Facebook. Credits are used to purchase items in Farmville, Cityville, etc. Credits cost real money and you aren't going to receive a large sum of them for free.

    4. Free Items, Gift Cards & Tickets ? If it sounds too good to be true, then you can be sure that it's on Facebook! You aren't going to get free airline tickets, Subway or Starbucks gift cards or a Facebook hoodie just by completing a survey.

    5. Breaking News Stories ? Anytime a major news story breaks, keep your guard up. Scammers love to trick unsuspecting users with promises of "exclusive coverage."

    6. Phishing Attempts to Steal Your Login Info ? If a scammer can get your login credentials, then they can wreak all sorts of havoc before you reclaim your account. Messages pretending to be from Facebook Security is a popular way they trick users.

    7. Bogus Chat Messages ? A compromised Facebook account uses rogue applications to send scam links to users via Facebook Chat. Be wary of messages that say something like:

    "hey is this you?"

    "look at you in this video!"

    "wanna laugh?"

    Don't click any links received in chat until you verify they are legitimate.

    8. Shocking & Sexy Headlines ? Anything that starts out with "OMG" or "Shocking" is best left alone on Facebook. They lure in victims with outlandish, steamy or perverted messages. These usually end in a survey scam and a video that doesn't play.

    9. Fake Celebrity Stories ? Facebook is not the place to receive your celebrity news and gossip! Scammers use fake deaths and other sensational stories to entice users. These often spread very fast, because users share the posts before verifying the story.

    10. "Help, I'm Stranded and Need Money" ? If you get a message from a friend stating that they are stranded in London or some other exotic locale, don't rush down to Western Union to send them cash. They have likely had their Facebook account hi-jacked by scammers.
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    Are you serious?
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    Have dabbled in everything but 6 and 10 lol.
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    Come across every single one except the last.
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    This one sounds interesting...
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    Thanks for the post The Scarlet Pimp. But I agree, these nasty schemers, I just don't know where on earth they get these ideas from!