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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give a small contribution, in case some of you guys don't already know about them.
    I've been using them for a while now and if there's one that you don't use it might improve your business.

    Also if any of you know of another great tool, you're welcome to share it.

    Long story short you just put in your name, brand name, competitor name and whenever a new page is indexed with those keyword you get updated (daily, instant...you decide).

    Put in your keywords and it searches and display in real-time all the results for it. It's good to search for instant leads. I used it a while back to generate some CPA earnings. So those who are starting out and want to generate a few bucks and have the time, go for it.

    To manage all your social media efforts. Schedule content posting is the best feature i use. Basically create all your content in 1 day and have posts daily for 1 month.

    See competitors traffic stats (only works for more established sites)

    Alexa.com and Quantcast.com
    Monitor keywords, backlinks, demographics. It's especially useful when doing media buys and matching an offer with an audience.

    Search for cpa offers on every niche and topic.

    that's it for now.
    if any of you has anything else to add to the list you're welcome.
    may you prosper my fellow blackhatters.