Tool to help me with link diversity?

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    I own GSA SER, Ultimate Demon, Scrapebox, and have a subscription to FCS Networker.

    Ultimate Demon is down to very few sites it can submit to (or a tleast I don't know how to get higher submission successes).
    SB will handle post to a lot of blogs but that sort of spammin is frowned upon.
    FCS Networker is fine but it is only 1 type of link (2 if you count the social posts).
    GSA SER does it all but seems to be looked down upon for making first tier links.

    I need some links to point to my money site that are not Web 2.0s.

    Is there another tool I should look at? Is there a way to set up GSA SER so that it can be used to build links to my money site. If I am more concerned about platform/keyword diversity than SERP increases can GSA be made to work.

    Right now I have some PBN guest posts, a lot of Web 2.0s, and some manual blog comments on niche sites. It is not doing the job.

    Any recommendations? Thanks for considering this question

    Edit to add content:

    I have tried a few different people on here for diversity of platforms. I am not really satisfied with what I have received in that regard. On the other hand, I have been pretty happy with the guest posts on PBNs.

    Also, I have about 45 hand spun articles (Spin Rewriter with me for an editor) for use in FCS but they can be cut and pasted into anything (like GSA SER) if a better quality article would make it more acceptable.

    I don't know what to do.