Tool to find a website and pagerank by wordpress plugin

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by linuxgeek, Dec 7, 2008.

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    I don't know if anyone would be interested in this or even how useful it would be to anyone else but I wanted to find out what sites had a high PR and were using certain wordpress plugins. I quickly wrote a php page where you search for the plugin folder name or just part of the plugin folder name. It returns domains and their pr that use it. For example you can search for bayrss and see which domains are using that plugin. I have it only displaying domains with a pr 1 or higher. I've attached the source in a zip. There is a chance you may get temp banned from google since it does a bunch of queries. One for the search term and one for each and every url it goes through which could be up to 100 so for each search you are doing up to 101 google queries. I only wrote this out of curiosity but I hope someone here finds it interesting or useful.

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