Tool to Capture Exit Traffic?


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Oct 18, 2008
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a tool/script to capture exit traffic on my sites. I tried exit profit generator and it was a load of garbage. I looked on the site for one too and couldn't find one so I was wondering if anybody had a script to do the job or could recommend one to do it.

Hi all!

Would also appreciate info on this. Even getting an opt-in for some free-be would be useful. Thanks for any assist!

senecapharm - could you give more info on why EPG was garbage? I just checked the sales page and it looks pretty good. Does it not work or what? Thanks for any feedback. (Thanks given.)

Cheers! :)
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Search for the Instant Pop-over is available here itself.It has one functionality to Pop-up your screen when the user tries to leave your site.It is exactly what you need.
If it is helpful to you be the first to Thank me....hEHE kidding.
Well EPG was garbage because it wrecked any affiliate URL's that you had, always led to a 404 error. I aldo think he stuffed his affiliate links into there because the code the program generated is encoded itself.

Instant pop-over is good but I guess it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I'm trying to work with it now but what I want is if someone exit's the site, not just the page, they should be redirected to another website. No pop-ups... Too many pop-up blockers and most of this stuff only works on IE...

And the simple java-scripts don't work that well... I guess i need a bigger script.
I guess i should also say the the exit popup displays whenever anybody goes anywhere on the page but there should be a way to just activate the pop-up when the user exits the domain, not just the page.
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