Took Over Youtube Channel Social Media with 80,000 Subs and Fullscreen. Any Advice?

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    I just recently took over a rising youtube account that is a little bit over 80,000 followers. Youtube has actually told them that this account is strange because of the amount of interaction it has with the little amount of uploads. I have been running a few advertising strategies and have managed to create a lot more traffic to youtube than there normally is.

    For example: A post will usually get it's growth in the first day or two, then have an average of 750 views a day for a while until it dies down. I came on board a day into their most recent video and started advertising it. I managed to keep it at an average of 3,300 views a day.

    My question is that the channel is sponsored with Fullscreen, which I've already read mixed things about partnerships. Is he actually losing money from being a partner with Fullscreen. Also, they just sent a recent adwords account to link to that is theirs, but wouldn't the channel benefit better by running of it's own adwords account.

    What is the best way to grow more subs, aside from advertising and pushing them to the youtube?

    Any advice will help.

    Here is some proof to help you guys out with it

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