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too much talent!!!

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by oscarslater, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. oscarslater

    oscarslater Regular Member

    Mar 13, 2008
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    Hi there

    I've been here for about two weeks and enjoying the 'show'

    This is like some other forums I've been involved with where there is soooo much talent but all wanting the same thing and all going in slightly different paths to get there.


    What I mean is there is so much talent here re programming, using and setting up scripts, marketing help and advice but it is somewhat loosely held together by trust.

    Which is fine and has to be earned and really - how much can you really trust someone here till you get to know them fully taking into consideration human nature and the fact that this little community (IM not BHW) is fraught with scam artists, so you NEED to be wary.

    So rather than let things go along in the same manner I am asking for suggestions here about creating a product by design using the talent pool here. No waiting to see who I'm naturally drawn to, no hoping that someone who knows more than me (almost everyone here) will let me know a few of their 'secrets' but never really the powerfull ones.

    I would like anyone here who can contribute to creating a product along the lines of these requirements to pipe up and contact me.

    Product description

    A mix of these products (the best bits)

    Bot Candy/self-growing web sites - that automatically grow a web site adding comments randomly over time, ading new pages randomly over time, pinging the required sites etc

    Neil Shearing wordpress script(10 day cash secret)/auto social poster - an addon script that will ping the relevant social networking sites

    I would also love to include some functionality of Traffic Booster Pro type functionality to help get traffic (if it works as I haven't done more than read the sales page)

    That would be the basic requirement but to have some for of video element would be great (like instant video creator, again i've not used but I do have something simlar).

    An extra feature would be to have some web application that we could use to create these sites that means we have one place to input the info but we could create three sites in a mini-network that all link to each other and display RSS feed from each other in the network. All sites on different hosts creating a mini network not linking back only one way. This means that the 'network' would be growing every few days and the search engines would be spidering the whole network every time any element was updated.

    The app would log into our hosts and create the sites, databases etc all from one place so that would be all we need to manage.

    Now I hope I have described this clear enough but in actual fact I have a lot more to add to this but not now.

    I've taken up too much space already. If anyone is interested let me know or post here.

    Just so you know I am 'technically challenged' and my skills are in sales and marketing and business process engineering so I won't be able to add technically to this project but managing it would be fine.

    There is just too much talent here that I thought I should try and pull it together to create something that would be a massive task for one person and certainly impossible for me.

    Also if this can be accomplished I am sure I could sell it either as a membership fee for serious IM's or even as a one off application (high ticket again for serious marketers) so there is that added element of some serious cash involved.


    all the best

  2. havokb8

    havokb8 Guest

    from the title i thought this thread was an homage to me

    Will you be paying for someone to do all this?? I would hope so, and if so, how much?