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Too Many Links On A Page

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ejrussell, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. ejrussell

    ejrussell Regular Member

    May 11, 2010
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    I thought I would start a discussion on the topic of too many links on a page

    If we have a fully do-follow webpage that is a blog. Let's say it starts out with 20 links in the boilerplate (standard template layout with navigation links), and 30 links in the comments area. You are the 31 commenter and put your own do-follow link and suppose it is counted by google as a legit link to your website. Now one thousand more people (spammers) come and make a comment on the same exact page ( no archiving of comments or moving comments off to another page like 1,2,3.....100)

    Now will your link still be counted as a good do-follow link by google. Remember I m not talking about dilution of pagerank where now the pagerank will be divided by 1051 links. Nope, Im saying will the google algorithm now say hey there is way too many links on this page lets not count any of them, even the ones we were counting as legit before. Something to think about.

    The other possibility is that it might count lets say the first 200 links it encounters and not count the rest for example. Meaning it parses the page, knows there are 1051 links, adjusts the value of the first two hundred it that regard, making them worth 1/1051 of the pagerank of only having one outbound link on that page, but only counting the first 200 as legit and the rest being fully discounted.

    Alright, your thoughts, suggestions,etc.
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  2. n3wbseo

    n3wbseo Junior Member

    Mar 22, 2011
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    That Is A Good Question.

    What I Can Report Is I Used SB To Make Some Links And I Made One In Particular That Was On A Page With 21K+ Links/Comments! Took For Ever For It To Down Load And Load Into My Browser. But There Was My Link. And It Is Also Registered In Google Web Master Tools And Its Atleast 15k Links Down. Lol.

    I Think There Is A Limitation In The Actual Size Of The Page That Google Will Index I Think I Remember Reading 1MB For Google, 750 For MSN At The Time And Like 250-350 For Yahoo Or Other Way Around On Yahoo/MSN.

    So Say In The Example Above You Have Your Link 50K Links Down But Within 1MB Of Actual HTML Code You Should Be Ok..

    Look In Google Cache For Some 2MB+ Pages And Start Counting Links On It Then Compare To Original.

    I Seen On A Brand New Blog Once That More Then 80 Links In The Archive Widget Would Not Actually Be Recorded In Cache But The Rest Of The Page Was. Go Figure.

    Good Luck.
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  3. Gyuman82

    Gyuman82 Elite Member

    Nov 15, 2011
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    Los Angeles
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    In my opinion if you had a do-follow link that had 30 or whatever OBLs and then 1,000s after it, the link was not very good to start off with anyway.

    It was pretty much a spammy blog post waiting to happen and it was only a matter of time before some ambitious chap from BlackHatWorld found it :)