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Tons of spam calls from Bing. Need a blackhat POV on this

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by coolsheet, Dec 8, 2016.

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    Mar 28, 2014
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    Hey all,

    So I've advertised in AdWords for quite some time and approx. 2 years ago a large client I have expanded budget and decided to allocate portions to Bing.

    Because they have so many sources of traffic, it's hard to track source of conversion, which in our case were phone calls for appointment settings. Well we started using a 3rd party software and CRM-like system for phone calls and tracking.

    ALL of the phone calls that come from BIng are spam. ALL OF THEM. Not one quality call comes in. We're in the medical treatment space, and most of the inquiries come in via phone call. AdWords preforms great.

    From a blackhat point of view, why is this??? Is there something about Bing that attracts spam callers (a lot from voip numbers)????

    I've talked to Bing Ads support and they're fcking clueless over there. Even the supervisors.

    On an advertising note is anyone receiving success from Bing? I've read threads here of people promoting shitty CB products and making bank. Do we need to design a crappy landing page? Just kidding, but seriously it's ridiculous. My client spends $XX,XXX a month in ads, and ALL OF THE CALLS ARE SPAM IN BING. Ready to pull their entire budget.