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Tons of Domains - Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by no4ck, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. no4ck

    no4ck Registered Member

    Jun 26, 2009
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    I've had quite a few of these domains for a while... and really had nothing on them. Most are blank or forward to my main site. Anyone have any ideas for them to make a little money? Interested in CPA style stuff, Affiliate or Autoblogs mostly and Somewhat automated in the end..

    - BestFreePornOnline.com (err.. any ideas?)
    - BestOnlineReview.com (online review site? Affiliate generator?)
    - DailyAppPost.com (iPhone App Related?)
    - FixMyiPhoneScreen.com (I used to fix iPhone screens on the 3g/3gs models)
    - FreeDesignResource.com (Was going to be a Photoshop Plugin, Brush and Vector style site)
    - GetNetflixFree.com (was a Netflix Free Affiliate Forwarding domain that I locally marketed with Flyers at Apt complexes.)
    - FreeWebContests.com (CPA offer idea I had)
    - HatingMonday.com (Originally going to be like Break.com... everyone hates mondays)
    - KindaSmooth.com (Originally for a Band who didn't end up wanting a site)
    - RemovingBadCredit.org (Leads? CPAs?)
    - RemoveBankruptcy.org (Leads? CPAs?)
    - RemovingCreditInquiries.com (Leads? CPAs?)
    - ReviewCentral.net (Online Reviews?)
    - Techfully.com (Was an Autoblog at one time - would have kept it if I would have known better about how much traffic it was getting)
    - TechSixty.com
    - Tubeable.com (Originally a YouTube Design type of site - downloadable)
    - VisitorsGuideOnline.com (Originally was going to have content from the top 100 cities in the country. Things to do, places to stay)
    - Vooli.com
    - WP-University.com (Wordpress School?)

    I have a couple hundred more domains, but these currently have ideas unworked.. or ones that I've lost focus on.

    Any ideas are appreciated!
  2. SEORasta

    SEORasta Senior Member

    Sep 22, 2010
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    What Ever Makes Money..LEGALLY
    Right Here!
    Just from the ones you posted I would develop the 2 "removing" domains for leads, adnsense etc. The others are ok but no one would ever type them in as far as direct traffic w/o help of backlinks. Most seem "brandable" and just like with anything a bit of work may be ok but as a domain investor if you were looking to sell them I would lot them up at ebay. The top domain places (sedo, afternic) they would sit untouched for a very very long time.
  3. no4ck

    no4ck Registered Member

    Jun 26, 2009
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    Thanks SEORasta,

    I understand... I have had private offers before on quite a few of those - which I guess I should have taken, but rather I've sat on a few of them for years (some of them 3-6 years)...

    Most are the brandable type, rather than SEO valued. More of a "Remember this domain" than a keyword value. I just thought that the value of a few of them were more than what was offered at that time a few years ago.

    However, I'm not looking to sell my portfolio and backlinks aren't a problem - just wondering revenue generating ideas that could spark up from some of them.

    Thanks a ton for your input!