Ton of Tools and a couple o' hundred Private IPs What do I do now?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by moeatwa, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Hey guys... I've finally decided to follow through and implement the stuff I've been learning from here. This'd be my first Black Hat SEO undertaking, so any advice to avoid getting deindexed/ blacklisted/banned would be really appreciated. Basically, I'm thinking of promoting a CB product on a review-style SEO optimized site. I've recently signed up for a VPS service with the following tools (It also comes with a couple o' hundred Private Proxies):

    1. SEnuke X
    2. The Best Spinner
    3. Instant Article Wizard
    4. Articler Builder (Worth $297)
    5. Scrapebox
    6. Scrapebox Scheduler
    7. Tweet Attacks Pro
    8. Tweet Attacks AC
    9. Tweet Adder 3
    10. Rank Builder
    11. Ubot Studio
    12. Team Viewer
    13. Magic Submitter
    14. Facebook Blaster Pro
    15. VenomSeo
    16. VenomSeo Pro
    17. Tube Thumper
    18. TubeFool
    19. Get Article Pro
    20. Team Viewer
    21. Traffic Travis 4

    I can write decent review content, on practically anything. But HOW do I know what's hot and what's not? How do I know what I can rank for and what I can't?

    Where to from here?

    Thanks in advance folks!
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    Use google keyword tool/Market Samurai so you can find some good keywords for your CB product. Create your site, your content and use those tools from you VPS wisely ;)
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    DO some keyword research, start building a few websites, doing proper seo on them & them sell them for $$$ or $$$$.