Today I cried..

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    tears of pure laughter. ...

    So Harro has the thread about getting people to go to that website. Crooker double dog dared me to present it to my mom.. I am drunk off Mickey's. Now, that is..

    After my mom gets off instant messenger. She sits my dad down for a "talk" I am the youngest of em all. They had me on a whim. Struggling musician, aspiring internet marketer, blah blah.. Y'all are living the same life I am. Trying to make a dollar or 20.

    So, my folks live 20 mins at the very least away. Dad came over, wasn't expecting it. He pawns it off on my mom who was very concerned about my financial/health well being..

    "pop, it was a joke!" I am doing okay with money. I swear!

    "Well your mom wants to make sure you are doing less of that you are doing on the internet. Here is $500 dollars and an additional $200. She wants a digital camera. Can you get her one?"

    Only reason I haven't looked is because I thought it might have been the rick roll'd video or the one where you try to click out of it and it moves everytime you get close.

    I died laughing when I saw what it was.

    So, Mom.. I am the pitcher and she is the catcher.. That's how my parents taught me about the birds and the bees!

    Thank you Harro for your amazing fun/humor and just making this a good community to be in.

    Spud Jr
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    You sent it to your mum not knowing what it was? LMAO :D