To Hexalor and buyers who bought from Dheer

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    I want to post this in the clarice thread, which is just deleted or moved.
    I am preparing the thread but its deleted before I post.

    To hexalor, and buyers who have bought accounts from Dheer

    Dheer is not just a Scammer.
    He is a big 'Scammer' & 'Reseller'.
    All his accounts are bought from Freelancer site and he is selling here. Ther are already 5-8 complaints about his services here on BHW and lots of outside.

    his do^main and name is already at RipoffReports on date 6-9-2010.
    (2 Repprts)

    Google "dhpd22 ripoffreport" or "Dheer ripoffreport"
    (dhpd22 is his Yadhoo Id, Dheer is profie name)

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