To display affiliate links or not to display?

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    Is there a right or wrong answer to this question?

    I am soon to create a website that gathers a number of listed niche products from various retail stores that allows the potential customer to click on these products to be taken directly to the retailers purchase page (commission based of course).

    Throughout my years of using the internet I have usually steered clear of affiliate links, because I believe the person who is recommending this products is possibly only do so because they are a partner with the product seller, thus, it's more like a sales pitch. What I am creating is slightly different, more like a search engine for specific products, however the principle is more or less the same as I will only be listing products to which I have an affiliate partnership with (most online retailers have an affiliate program these days though).

    My question is, does the average internet user actually look at where the links are taking them (at the very bottom of the browser), or do they just trust the on screen text that says "click here to go to x"?.

    I notice a lot of websites like moneysupermarket and moneysavingexpert actually send you to their domain, as opposed to the website they said they were taking you directly to. This to me would feel suspicious, although obviously these sites are very successful.

    Is there a correct way of doing this? Is it recommended to send the customer to your domain/server and then redirect them to the retailers website with the full affiliate link in the address bar or is it better to go for the more 'honest' approach and show them the full address to where you are taking them, which is clearly an affiliate link, or is there an entirely different and better way of approaching this?

    I ask because I can not find much information about this on the web.

    Perhaps I am looking into the little details rather too much? I have a tendency to spend a lot of time on small factors. Perhaps it does not matter at all to the average consumer?
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    I don't think it matters that much, as most average users have no idea what an affiliate link is, however it can make sense to hide your afflink from competitors so that they cannot find more of your projects by searching for your affiliate id.

    I use on most of my sites.
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    Amazon doesn't allow cloaking with shortner anymore so you have to display that and also people don't mind amazon links. You can however cloak other aff program links because I have found that sometimes people don't click them if we show them original aff links from say CJ, CB or other aff networks .
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