to allow skippable ads or not?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by dakota5369, Feb 20, 2015.

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    so all my numbers plummeted at the beginning of the year. I expected in in january because they always drop. but february has hardly been better. ctr went from well over 5% to about 3%. RPM is now well under 2 when it used to be about 4. CPC is now $0.04 when is used to be at about ).07-8

    so i just realized my ads are skippable. i know people hate not being able to skip ads, but i need money. for those of you who do it, is the potential loss of visitors worth it? i was also thinking maybe of only doing it on the most desirable videos. that way they are more likely to stay.

    also, what about becoming a partner. i have never considered it, but they say that the get your rpm much higher than on your own. not sure if they are just making that up though