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    Bitcoin future
    Some of you people may have seen my post about paypal screwing me over and putting me into the negatives.

    refer here if you haven't seen read and if you wish to read it

    Both paypal and i have been emailing each other back and forth for almost like over a month now and i have talked on the phone with them numerous of times.

    At this point they supposedly can't do much, i asked them if they could reimburse me but they keep saying no. i even asked them if they could kindly just out my balance back too $.0.00, of course they said no.

    As of right now i dont have much money and im heading to Europe because my uncle just passed away. And my sites are not making me much income and i can't do cookie stuffing at the moment because i dont have any money in my paypal account, As of right now im waiting for EPN to send me the money But i only made about $30 for the month of December.

    Just to make everything as short as possible, i was hoping if anyone here on BHW could possibly help me out and send me any amount of money could be 1 cent could be a $1 or whatever amount.

    Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

    I wish i could return something to you all but i dont know what i could do.

    If you are willing to send me any amount please send to this paypal account

    [email protected]

    If you think this is a scam for money, then i would greatly appreciate it if you just didn't say anything.

    For anyone that could help me.

    I would love to do anything for you.

    Thank You so much in advance
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    May 15, 2008
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    I know paypal fucked you but now stop this dude.. come on man ?? Are u handicapped or you are a idiot not able to understand the "Make Money" things from bhw ??

    I am not saying you are scamming us but you are not willing to work your ass off to make money and for that reason I am not sending you the money!!

    Go and prove "us" that you can make money without begging and Ofcourse I am waiting to hear that :)
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    Sep 29, 2008
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    Excuse me for saying this but i can't resist.

    It seems as if one ebook = $250 of some sorts.
    If you invested that much time and [money] you should be able to be more creative and lucrative to earn money.
    Hell, you can even use the method in the eBook.

    A ton of us here are broke.
    We don't have money.

    What do we do?
    We live with it. Use free Hosting, grab whatever you can find your hands on.

    I've seen a similar story like this posted on one of those "get rich quick sites"
    BTW with the amount of time you spent writing this, you could've easily rewritten an ebook and flipped it.

    BTW looks like a flip of
    Check that for stuffz
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