title meta tag question short or long keaywords?

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    is it better to put long tail or short keyword in title?

    for example lets say a person want to rank for

    maine keyword----fat cats lets say 50k searches
    2nd black fat cats are slow 5k searches
    3rd white fat cars are fast 5k searches

    WHat would be the best title to go ?

    1) fat cats
    2)black fat cats are slow fast

    or maybe something else?
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    You need to keep in mind that the title isn't just for google serp indexing.

    Let's say you do a good job at SEO and get your page to the first page of Google. When people do a search for your keywords, and your listing comes up in the listing along with all the other pages on the first page do you think people will be more likely to click on "black fat cats are slow fast" or one of the other listings instead.

    Your title and meta description are what will be displayed for your webpage.
    * The description needs to be written totally for the reader. Google doesn't place much if any weight on the meta description tag. It is just for providing the summary displayed in the serp.
    * The title tag needs to be written for the reader and optimized for google. Definately include your keywords, but it's best to write it in such a way as to still be something someone might choose to click on.

    As far as longtail vs main keywords, think of it like this: the longtail contains the main keywords, but not the other way around. If it's possible to include the long tail words it will be better, but only if you can do it so as to still be attractive to real people.

    The title and description need to be written with care because it does you no good to get your page listed on the first page in the serp if no one will be interested in clicking on it.
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