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TitBitz #7 -That Internet Marketeer should not miss!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seoways, Feb 6, 2017.

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    If you don’t agree to the “Content rules”

    Content is K…No points to Gryffindor .Sorry, as we heard it 1k times within this forum itself. Tyler Thursby came out with new perspective to the age old SEO technique saying content is not king. We leave the experimentation to you but give you an overview of what he said.

    1.Prioritize pages with links: Say if you are not in first page and your ranking varies roughly from 11-20 earn some 3-5 targeted links and this will be enough for your site to climb up to the first page says SEO expert Joe Larattro.

    2 .Brew it fresh: The more the content is updated the more is the website getting crawled. The more the website getting crawled more is the chance of boost up in your ranking.(if you are tired of reading “the” “more”-UPDATE YOUR CONTENT. Simple).It is supported by the following blogpost of Google dated back to 2011.We believe still it plays its role


    3. Utilize the full power of Google search console: Because it makes sure that Google can have an access to your pages ,instruct what to be crawled and check for crawl errors.

    4. Content not the king but matters: To matter, it should be

    1) Written for users. Repeat Human not robots.

    2) 800-1000 keywords as depth matters

    3) Link out and receive reciprocal links.

    4) A mobile friendly page.


    2017-Important ranking factors

    When you follow different search engine magazines you always come up with the contradicting fact like the first page in fashion magazine is “How to lose belly fat in 10 days” and the middle pages are with “losing weight in short time is dangerous”.

    The ranking factors are determined by the study experiments conducted with the Searchmetrics, Backlinko and SEOPowersuite.

    1. Content: Instead of keyword focused content ,focus on relevant content in natural language.

    2. Backlinks: Diverse and authoritative domain links fetch you a good SERP.

    3. Mobile first user experience: AMP has a lot of say in SEO in forthcoming days.

    4. Other technical factors:Encryption,H1 and H2 headings, Anchor text, blocking the interstitsalsetc

    Ad blocking device market

    This statistics is important to the SEO industry and it was tweeted by our very own Rand Fishkin. Mobile adblocking device market is huge in comparison with the western countries. So the next time you plan budget for the mobile ad. Take the statistics into account.


    Facebook upgraded its image search

    The artificial intelligent team at FB can now recognize content and detect images.It is been called as Lumos that as per FB Blog post detect and segment objects, scenes, animals, places, and clothes that appear in images or videos

    “We’ve built a search system that leverages image understanding to sort through this vast amount of information and surface the most relevant photos quickly and easily”.

    Now you can co relate the acquisition of META by Facebook to this news.


    The largest search volume for the consumer brands happen when the releasing the ad conenet before the game. Quancast did some real ground work on the adcampigns and compared the search volume 2 days before to 2 days after release.


    Google wins Right to be forgotten case

    A Japanese national was arrested for child prostitution 5 years ago and was fined 500,000 yen. He went to court asked the mighty Google to remove the pages pertaining to arrest siting the law right to be forgotten.

    However the court ruled saying “Removal can be demanded only when value of privacy protection clearly exceeds freedom of expression of search sites.”

    And for this I am happy for Google!.