Tired of the leeching engagement groups...

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by ForceFed54, Jan 31, 2017.

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    Everyone knows...or at least should by now know that engagement groups are huge when it comes to growing accounts quickly. The issue of course is finding one that's even worth your time to be involved with.

    I'm a member of a bunch of groups...some huge ones...and I get added to new ones daily. When I load the accounts into my bot and look at the pages I'm engaging with 90% of them are absolute crap.

    Now I don't have some crazy half million follower page but I do have a 62k page that grows at 200-300 followers per day and has great engagement. I'm looking for a legit engagement group with active members who engage with GOOD QUALITY accounts. 100000 likes from a bunch of bullshit accounts is useless and IMO actually harms your account more than helps it.

    So....if anyone runs an engagement group with 40k+ or 50k+ accounts drop me a line. I have 2 other accounts over 40k as well so I can bring some value to the group and I complete every round.

    Thanks in advance.