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Aug 30, 2009
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hey guysss. ive had a look around this subforum and unable to realy find any tools/tips for finding a good micro niche.. wondering what you guys do to find a micro niche. sorry if this is like such a stupid question...
not a stupid question... there are many like u & me who have a tuff time finding that..... can someone help!
there are some videos in the download section which shows how to find niches using market samurai or MNF.

Check them. they will definitely help.
Market Samurai Dojo has some videos you can watch that will be very helpful.

Also, review google trends, check the top ebay and clickbank sellers, and look at the magazine rack at local stores.

Overall, just follow the flow of the money from the consumer to the business and get yourself in the middle.
I use micro niche finder.

I paid 97.00 for it and it is well worth it in my opinion.
xfactor has the best explanation on how to find a niche using Micro Niche Finder:

1. Type in a broad term like "appliances"
2. Find a two word result with high searches and click on it (ie. )
3. From that menu click on "broad digg"
4. Start playing with the 3+ words keywords on the 5k searches range (Get SOC > Get Exact Frase Count > Get MOB)

I'm in love with the method and am finding tons of niches.
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