tips on how to promote fiverr gig?

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    I've successfully wooed a website owner with my writing and we've worked out a freelancing gig, after a week of blogging for him, I made $200+. My estimates is that I have been making about $16 an hour off this gig, but I need to extend my service beyond this particular site. I was wondering how I should go about promoting my fiverr gig to grab more clients in the writing niche. I grabbed the fiverr WSO from BHW a week ago and did a thorough reading, but it wasn't really what I was looking into. So are there any successful fiverr writers here on BHW who's willing to help out a small timer like me :p? Even if you don't do fiverr writing gigs, I'll take any advice or criticism haha.

    My ultimate goal though... is I want to put most of the money I earned into my own internet ventures, but I mean I never thought that within three month's I'll be looking at 1k+ a month of doing internet work.
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    1. Add a video to your gig - a gig without a video is a very effective way to blend in with 90% of the gigs on Fiverr. That's a winning strategy for a rodent at the bottom of the food chain but YOU want to stand out! Videos entice clicks, plus you'll be able to explain in much more detail what your gig is all about.

    2. Optimize your tags - let's face it: Fiverr is enormous. Unless you get featured, not many people will find your gig through passive browsing. By optimizing your tags, it's far more likely that buyers will run across your gig. How do you know which tags to use? Start by having a look at what the popular gigs in your niche are using.

    3. Posting on relevant forums - you won't get far with spamming but many forums will allow you to put a link in your signature after you meet a certain minimum number of posts. Here are a few: The Warrior Forum for Internet marketers, Digital Point and the RetailMeNot forums. By creating high-quality posts, you'll build a reputation and maybe even clientele. And there's an added bonus if you have an AdSense publisher ID: The RetailMeNot forums have revenue sharing. (Digital Point no longer does.)

    4. Create your own YouTube Channel - it's time to get addicted to the limelight. Get in front of a camera and show people what you do. Camera shy? Create a slideshow and record a voice over! Just so everyone knows, the username FiverrWizard3000 is taken...

    5. Create a free blog at Blogger - when you create a new gig, Fiverr gives you a grand total of 450 characters to get your point across. Make those characters count by linking to your personal blog! Pack it with samples of your work and talk about your other gigs.

    6. Comment on blogs - commenting on blogs like Best of Fiverr is just one more way to get exposure. Just like with forum posts, the higher quality your comment, the more likely people will want to see what else you offer. Spammers need not apply!

    7. Social networking - there's no harm in telling people what you're up to. Create a Fan Page for your gigs or Tweet about them to your followers. No one is going to ask if you don't tell them about it first.

    8. Referrals - good help is hard to find, especially on Fiverr. If you've already got some satisfied customers, why not ask them for some referrals? Chances are, they know someone who could really benefit from your service.

    9. Offer review copies to relevant blogs - the hardest part about Fiverr is getting your first few gigs. Buyers look for positive ratings and if you don't have them, you're toxic waste. By offering a few review copies, you can easily garner off-site positive ratings to get the ball rolling. i am pretty sure you'll be able to find a relevant blog that will accept your review copies...

    10. Guest posts - bloggers are always after fresh content, especially lazy bloggers who lay in bed all day. [Hey! -- Ed.] Offer them a guest post in exchange for a link to your gigs or blog. Just remember... whatever you put into the blogosphere could be read by a lot of people. Write something that will make you proud and make others take notice.

    11. Press release - just like bloggers are on the lookout for fresh content, so is the media. If you think you've got a winning gig, write a short press release and send it out to the free press release sites. Don't forget to contact your local media sources as well. There are plenty of people who still don't know about Fiverr and this is a great way to get the word out.

    12. User-generated websites - websites like Squidoo and HubPages lets users create pages on whatever interests them. Would it be wrong to include your gig on the page, "Top Fiverr Gigs"? Not if you're offering quality!

    13. Set up a landing page. Sure, you can push your gigs in your signature in various forums, but rather than linking directly to Fiverr, why not send them to a squeeze page of your own where you can collect email addresses in exchange for a free digital product (like an ebook)? Your main page can show work samples and sell your work with features and benefits. Edwin (edzn on Fiverr) shows you how with Nice little bit of monetization there, Edwin. This technique is called inbound marketing.

    14. Brand yourself - If you've ever dreamed of success on Fiverr and beyond, take a gander at I Want To Draw A Cat For You, recently featured on ABC's Shark Tank. Steve Gadlin's business didn't start on Fiverr but it easily could have; it has that same funky-yet-funny vibe. See how he's branded himself? His logo is a cartoon of his head. He starts his little awkward white-guy IWTDACFY song-and-dance when you land on his page. He's even on the Wibiya-style bar at the bottom of the screen.

    15. Network, network, network - Once you start communicating with other sellers, you'll see the potential benefits. Here's one: Find a popular seller whose gigs complement your own. Say you make killer videos and he produces royalty-free music. Promote each other in your gig descriptions. Make it easy for buyers to get the complete solution they need and they'll come back for more. (And you get access to the other seller's customers!)

    16. And then network some more - Ask other sellers to favorite (star) your best gig. Don't spam, but be selective in finding a Fiverr gig pal. Sellers hang out on the Fiverr Facebook page and on the Official Fiverr Group for Sellers at LinkedIn.

    17. If you created your own YouTube channel, like i recommended in Step 4, now's the time to buff it up. A colleague of ours, an expert YT marketer, says: "Turn the advertising on (promote) your video, but not necessarily for the sake of getting views. Bid $0.01 and then you can add a call to action box on the video in edit mode. You may also find videos where with the right keywords you can get traffic for the same $0.01/click." Don't forget to make sure your tags are the best they can be.

    18. Keep in touch with your customers - Once again, don't spam, but an occasional note through Fiverr's messaging system helps keep in touch with known buyers. Once a month might be about right.

    19. Variations - Goldberg had variations, you should too. Sellers are allowed 20 gigs. Most people aren't using anywhere near that many but they should if they want to be found.
    Here are some gig titles:
    I will blog about you or your small business for $5
    I will write an article for you and post it to my PR4 blog for $5
    I will promote your company with a feature on my popular blog for $5
    I will advertise your event or business on my website for $5
    I will recommend you, your product or your company in a review on my blog for $5
    I will plug your latest project or your new start-up on my site for $5
    I will endorse your efforts and give you thumbs-up for $5
    Seven titles, but they're all for the same gig, just worded differently. A thesaurus helps a lot when writing titles. Post your variations and wait about a month, then check the stats on each gig. Cull the gigs that garnered the least hits and replace them with new ones. If you keep testing your titles like this you'll end up with absolute winners.

    20. Offer free gigs to influencers - We often receive email like this: "I currently have a gig on fiverr where I do xyz for $5. I would love for you to review my gig and I am offering to do xyz for you so you can see how awesome my work is. Let me know what you think of my offer."
    Best of Fiverr has a strong following, but you can find influencers elsewhere too, such as blogs, forums or Facebook. Make a short list of prominent people who could help you and start contacting them. Be polite and respectful, just like Mom told you.

    21. Get an agent. No, not what you think - Get other people to promote your gigs by pointing out the possible rewards. Fiverr seller desperatedan welcomes arbitrageurs, people who buy gigs at $5 and resell them for more, sometimes much more. "Fast white hat cheap seo! You can resell my gigs on eBay, forums etc. List my gigs for $10 and then purchase my gig and pass on your customer's order details to me. Hey presto.. $5 profit for you! Just 10 orders a week would make you $50."

    22. Contests - Set up a Google alert so you're notified whenever a company wants Fiverr entries for a contest they're running. Cloud storage company Maxxo did just that last year. Not only will your gig be seen but you might win some cash, too.

    23. Write an eBook - You might not think you're much of a writer, but eBooks are hot. You can give yours away on your landing page or you can sell in on Amazon in Kindle format. Of course you include links to your gigs.

    24. Guerilla marketing - It's an oldie but a goodie, and a $5 gig is perfect for it. Hand-letter or print a bunch of cards you can tack up at supermarkets, coffee shops and anywhere else prospects might hang out.

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    Thanks for these tips. I've been trying to increase my fiverr gig scope and these tips really helped.
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    Well, that was one comprehensive ass list....but most the most important thing he left out was:

    Get your gig up on the biggest clones out there.
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    Thanks typlo, a lot of info there. Planning my first gig so that will help.