Tips of how to Create a Downline

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    Build a Downline

    How to Build a Downline in 30 Days Guaranteed

    One of the fastest ways to make money with get paid to incentive programs or any type of referral program is to have a large Downline. Growing your Downline will guarantee that you receive a passive income each month. A Downline is a group of people who have joined a program through a referral link you provided. The key to building a large Downline is consistency. Follow these steps and you will have a large Downline in 30 days guaranteed!


    1. Create a blog around a targeted key word and make a blog post every day. If you do this really well you should be indexed in google in about two weeks and you will start receiving free traffic from the search engines. In this case the phrase " If you build it they will come" really does apply.
    2. Join 5 forums about making money online. To find these forums go to google in the search bar, and type in "make money forums". Sign up to become a member of the forum and create a signature link that links back to your blog page with the program you are trying to get sign ups for. Remember to contribute to the forum, do not spam information about your business, you will be banned. Just try to be of help to new members and once they begin to build trust in you, they will click on your signature link out of curiosity and be lead to the site you are trying to promote.
    3. Another great way to build a Downline in 30 days guaranteed is to create a Youtube video telling everyone about your program, tell them about the benefits of joining the program, be sure to make your video creative, then lead them to your blog or website url.
    4. Join free classified websites and post an Ad about your program. Remember to update your Ad at lease once per week if allowed.
    5. Now go out there and start building your team!