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Tips needed for Offline Real Estate Business (since 1990) to get into the online-World!

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by Simply Social, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Simply Social

    Simply Social Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Aug 28, 2010
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    Hello BHW,

    my father has a Real Estate company since 1990 in Germany. He is basically a caretaker, but wants to get into Real Estate selling as well. I dont want to tell his exact earnings with the caretaking itself but it was more then enough to take care of our family. He did nearly everything offline, because his partner, with whom he ran the company, was an oldschool guy. Finally he broke the business-relationship with him and can do everything by his own. They have a shitty website (he hired a company now, which does websites) and he lists the real estates on german ad-sites atm. He changed his office to the best location in the city one month ago. Thats all he did up to now. As a son, i want to help him getting more into the online world boosting his reliable company.

    Here are my thoughts up to now:

    -> Facebook/Twitter page connected to the website.
    -> Creating an email list with follow up emails (dont know which follow up messages, but there could be some, what do you think?).
    -> create youtube commercial videos 1-2 minutes long with content like (i sell houses right here and in the background some impossible places, i.e. near the airport)
    -> online-viewing, so the customer can view the real estates online and get a first impression!
    -> of course SEO, google places optimizing (Any reliable german company for this is highly appreciated; from my search i only found douchebags).

    Any other thoughts are highly appreciated! What worked for your Real Estate business?

    In the city, where my father is working, he has a very good reputation! He is in the business for over 35 years, has his own company for 22 years. This is a real company, that need a hyper-boost into the online-world! Nothing like "i wanna try real estates, where are the leads"!

    Serious suggestions and tips/tricks are highly welcomed!

    best regards
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  2. WebOracle

    WebOracle Regular Member

    Aug 7, 2011
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    Trapped Inside The InterWeb
    The majority of my clients are real estate agents, brokers, and owners. So I would have to say from experience and working with this industry the highest ROI and the most beneficial things you can do are.

    1. Adwords Ads on the search network- I would make sure you optimize the landing page for each keyword and have an ad for each. This will ensure a higher Quality Score and a lower CPC. Go after every longtail keyword you can find as they will convert higher.

    2. Website- Build the site with a built in IDX feed so that viewers will be able to view all homes on the MLS. Make sure you have some sort of opt-in pop up after the visitor has viewed 2-3 listings prompting them to sign up for updates and to view the next property they are trying to view.

    3. GP SEO, this is a must but the GP listings only show up for about 1/3 of the real estate related search terms. (at least in the US)

    4. SEO- Again don't go after the big keywords at first as they are usually pretty hard to rank for. Stick with the long-tails.

    5. Craigslist- post as many bait(nice house for a great price) type listings as possible for several days, this way you can renew them everyday. Craigslist leads will not convert as high and are usually considered poor quality leads in the industry but you will get a lot of them if you do it properly and bait them properly so that they visit your site. Also make sure you have them landing on the proper landing pages. ( median price ranges for your targeted area.)

    As far as your other ideas I would not start implementing them until you have done the previous mentioned things.

    Youtube videos- I would not worry about making commercial videos, I would have him do a quick introduction mentioning who he is and how long he has been in the industry before doing a walk-through of the listings that he is selling. Do this for each listing and have it posted on your site as well as several real estate related sites.

    Facebook/Twitter- Use these sites to build brand and also post listings here.

    Follow up with your leads generated from your site via phone and email. Also email them with new listings that meet their specifications.

    The real estate agents/companies I work with are some of the best in the US, 3 have been featured on HGTV, and one is in the top 100 in the world. So I know this game plan is effective and will provide the highest ROI for your father.

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  3. Simply Social

    Simply Social Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Aug 28, 2010
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    Thank you very much WebOracle - i have to look up some words like IDX feeds and MLS. You mean content locking here with the popup?

    Do you mind me PMĀ“ing you soon about some questions, that dig deeper?

    your help is highly appreciated and i already forwarded it :)

    anyone has any additional suggestions?