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[Tips]From one newbie(me) to another(you).

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TheLoneSynchro, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. TheLoneSynchro

    TheLoneSynchro Regular Member

    Sep 13, 2013
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    I had decided to go ahead and take some time out to write a thread that would hopefully help some of the newer people that are coming to the forum in search of a way to make some money on the internet. I joined about a year ago and I did nothing besides for read and ask questions, some of them were redundant and people got annoyed. I was getting constant answers like "Use the search function" and "Oh, it's this thread again." and that's when I realized that all of the information is already here. I had probably read over 2,000 post(s) before I took action and started doing something to attempt to make money, but I kept failing.

    Here's why.

    I continued to do my research daily on methods, reading pages and pages deep into the Journey board trying to pick up on new methods and how to utilize them, I was constantly writing down which ones had a higher success rate and which niches were easier to make money with if you got your foot in the door. I continued for months scraping money up from things like post-loop and some freelance work every now and then and trying new things over and over again, not only was I not sticking to a single method I was also working with things that I didn't have any knowledge about. I was just stealing information and rewriting it. I was trying to trick people into taking surveys for absolutely nothing in exchange. I was bored. I decided to go ahead and stop messing with Internet marketing and I took a few months break away from the forum, I would stop by every now and then and read a few post(s) trying to see if there were any recent get-rich-quick schemes floating around that I could dive into, but there weren't.

    About a month ago I suddenly realized something while reading a thread about a YouTube Journey. I started doing research on how much YouTube channels were making and I was surprised. I had been working on a YouTube channel for around a year and a half now that was getting a decent amount of views per day ( Okay, not really, but I was happy with them, it was more like 20-25 views per day )and I thought to myself.. Why not just monetize this? I then started uploading more videos in my niche ( My channel was niche related, tutorials to be exact ) and my views started raising constantly without doing anything besides uploading new videos. I haven't posted a single advertisement, I haven't done any type of SEO for my videos, but they're still bringing in people. I've probably only uploaded another 12-13 videos in the last 2 months ( and I could honestly produce and upload 5-6 a day that are quality ) and my views have increased more than ten-fold. I'm now getting almost 400 views per day on my channel and making some money doing absolutely nothing. This was part of my life before I even knew about internet marketing. I just felt like helping people with things that I had struggled finding resources for so I made videos. I'm getting a little over $20 a month from this channel now and I'm not doing anything besides talking into a microphone and recording my screen about once a week... and the part that's even better is that it's increasing monthly, regardless as to if I produce a new video or not.

    So, let me go ahead and do a quick run-down of what this means. I'm doing nothing besides taking twenty minutes out of my week, every week, and because of this I'm making $20 a month. I have just recently decided to "Scale-up" and I started working on a website for this content and I'm cross-linking all of my videos with a text-based version of it on my website. The video has a link to the web-page, an intro with my website on it, and my website has the video embedded and direct-linked. During this time I haven't slowed down a single bit or worried about the amount of money that I was making. It just shows up in my PayPal every month and that's when I remember that I'm actually making something from it. Is it a large amount? No. Could it be? Yes, if I applied myself.


    I guess what I'm trying to say to you guys is, there's money to be made everywhere. If you're passionate about something, that's where you're going to shine. It may take longer to get to where you want to be in terms of revenue, but the over-all quality of what you're going to produce is going to be much higher than if you're just doing it for the money. Stop worrying about getting rich quick, because that's what we call "Luck". Put some hard work, faith, sweat, and tears into something you love and watch it grow, that way you'll be even more satisfied when it is actually doing something for you. Just think about it? What are you
    passionate about? What could you read/write about all day long? This should be where you start. This will be where you will shine.

    Tl;Dr - If you're interested in something, others will be to. Try to make money writing about something you're passionate about. Also, if you really want to make money, don't tl;dr things, grow a pair and read the full post.

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  2. bigbroski

    bigbroski Newbie

    Jul 17, 2014
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    My favourite picture : i.imgur.com/juQiMfc.png

    So one lesson learned... just take action. When you fail, calibrate, take action again. This is why alot of people agree with themselves, when they say that you need passion. Because you are probably willing to work on something, and work extra hours on something, that you enjoy. And if you fail, you will probably not give up, and try to work it out somehow, because you see the vision.

    Funny thing is, that it is not about how you do it (PPD,CPA etc.), it is about the person behind it. If you are some looser that has been on reddit for last 5 years, and your self-esteem is missing, you will have to become a nutcase, and play mindgames with your mind, to be successful.

    First, it is not your mind, it is how you feel. Find a kick-ass wingman, that has same ambitions. He kicks your ass, you kick his ass. Even when you don't feel like it, punch him to work, because he will do the same thing to you later. Build trust, and give away things. Paranoia is worst in this.

    Accept the truth... for example : If you have 1 inch dong, you can say everything to comfort yourself, but you are just lying to yourself. It sucks, but it is what it is. So learn how to suceed inspite of that.

    Educate yourself, don't be an idiot, and work smart, rather than just hard. I made my first 1500$ with 4 e-mails (under 300 words each). I have been lucky, fairly new untouched niche... wouldn't find it if i would not study platforms and offers, and just follow methods on BHW. Not saying they are bad, just saying that there are probably other thousand people doing them, so they are not so lucrative.

    There will be always ineffectivities in market, if you educated yourself, you will know how to use them.

    Read/listen to books... think about it... if you would want to share great information and great insights, how would share them ? Thats right...

    Sorry for thread hijacking, and not really being to relevant to some people, but i just feel like this is alot of people on BHW, and it needed to be adressed to them.

    Because the amount of people, who are stuck in one place, just watching motivaitonal videos, and not taking actions, and when they do, they put work for making 1$/day is scary.