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Tips for interviewing or consulting with corporations/small/local businesses

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by seoaroundtheworld, Jan 30, 2013.

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    I thought I would share this, I am sure it is obvious to some and maybe not so much to others.

    As you speak, there are inflections in your voice that can change the mood of the conversation. These are situations that you should prepare yourself for, that people like to test you with.
    • An uneasy topic comes up or one that is not commonly spoken about because it is so controversial.
    • A direct question is asked about a small part of your resume or cover letter or sales pitch/consultation.
    • Whilst answering a question, another question comes up before you could answer the first question fully.
    • The COO and CEO like to play good cop/bad cop to throw your guard off or two management personnel.
    • A "convenient" interruption occurs such as a phone call or secretary coming in at a crucial moment in the interview.
    • They act uneasy or produce an unexpected emotion in the middle of the interview for no apparent reason.
    • They give you a death stare, like they are trying to peer in your soul, especially someone with a security background.

    Those are some of the most common things that I can think of off the top of my head. To combat any situation you need to give clear and concise answers, especially when you tangent off into multiple questions. Make sure that you answer the original question or address it in some way. Act natural and never show any fear, I pretend that every interview is for my life or my life is on the line. Even if it is for a business you have no intention of working for, it is still good to practice your game face.

    I see every person that I meet as a potential person to help me in the future or as a friend. That way when I talk to them, I do not try to talk to them as a stranger, I talk to them as someone who I would already know. Meaning I am willing to be unorthodox or act as my self, more so than others would like. Of course this does not work for everyone and it probably shortens my chances of any management positions. But I am able to build non-linear relationships that may help me not burn bridges or step on anyone's toes.

    Of course we all put on different masks with different people, the question is can you produce a mask that works with everyone, making your life that much easier and simpler.