Tips for getting business on Fiverr with SENuke, BMD, AMR, SB, and Article Writing?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TheBlueWizard, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Mar 21, 2012
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    Long story short... I got into SEO about a month ago, and currently have a 2 projects going. However, they are on rather competitive terms and am expecting that they will take some time to bring in any revenue.

    I had invested money, time and knowledge in learning and mastering several of the more popular SEO software available, for example:

    SENukeX: I can pump out web 2.0 profiles, and blast to RSS feeds.
    Bookmarking Demon 6: I can bookmark as many links as I desire to the main sites, from several different accounts.
    Article Marketing Robot: I can submit to a self harvested list using scrapebox, to about 500+ AA articles, along with about 2000+ successful submissions overall.
    Scrapebox: I have harvested my own list of 45k AA Blogs, and I spin about 5 different very generic 3 sentence comments for these blogs, to about 95% Uniqueness with TBS.

    I can also pump out some really engaging articles that can psychologically sell the reader; I can also spin these articles to 90%+ Unique with TheBestSpinner (extremely time consuming and redundant) and make them VERY readable and even keeping them charming to read.

    My issue - I can't seem to find employment to do some of this stuff manually for immediate payment. I'm tight on funds right now, but I want to take some time to make use of my skills and get at least a part time income coming in to continue my SEO efforts.

    Fiverr looks like an amazing way to put my skills and knowledge to use; However, I'm wondering what some of you may have done to get your orders rolling?

    There was a thread started on this sub-forum I believe, Another BHW member who purchased ScrapeBox, and it seemed like he literally just threw his gig posting on Fiverr and was instantly blasted with orders... to the point where he had the suspend the gig.

    Any Ideas guys? Will continue searching here on the forums, but most of the stuff I have found seems out of date.
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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Good questions. I too hope that someone will chime in with their suggestions for getting started with this sort of thing. I took a look on Fiverr and to me, it looks like the competition is pretty tough. Maybe everyone has decided to do this all of a sudden? I am also wondering if most of the gigs are from people who would be happy just making 5 or 10 dollars a day.
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    I think you need to sell a service nobody sell on fiverr, but it's difficult, and you have to promote your gig in internet marketing forums
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    you'll have to promote on forums and get some positive feedback first, offering bonuses buy 1 get 1 free. Since competition is very tough, you have to basically do stuff for free to get the ball rolling. Once people sees you gig has a few orders, that builds more trust and then they'll buy.
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    You have very powerful tools and skills there. How much do you invest? You have to make a business plan for yourself. In how much time do you want to recover the spent money? What its your income target... That will determine the strategy to follow. Like people told you... Promote your services on internet marketing sites. There's a lot of competition on fiverr and that's for one reason: there is market.

    Make a website, like if you have a real seo business company. Use paypal or another payment platform... Make it look like a trusted company, buy a killer design, the investment will get paid. Use your abilities to promote your own site. That's your first client. Increase your serps... Think upside down, if you were a customer, where (besides fiverr) would you look to buy services like the ones that you are offering? Go there and say 'here I am and this is what I offer'

    And finally, always take the extra mile, give more that expected and you will have happy customer, always coming back for more and even promoting your business for free.

    Just my 2 cents... Hope you appreciate this.