Tips and Tricks to Outsmart Copyscape

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    Yeah, Copyscape can sometimes be a pain in the neck for writers rewriting content.
    Here is what I learned from the experience of writing and rewriting articles?

    Don?t copy three consecutive words from a source ? the very first thing that will anger Copyscape is if it finds three consecutive words in your article which someone has already published. We all get what we write from the things written on the web, that?s acceptable. It is good practice to use relevant information from reliable sources in your research. But always remember not to copy three consecutive words. Don?t copy three consecutive words from a source is the golden rule.

    Use simple sentences but not common words
    ? in writing, it will always be best to write in simple sentences. The objective is to make people understand, and not confuse them with an article where you need to get a dictionary to read. However, by using simple sentences, there is danger that someone else has already written it the same way. Therefore, what we need to do is use words that are simple but not commonly used. For example, the word ?beautiful? is a word which is very common. Writing ?Jennifer Aniston is beautiful? will definitely result to a Copyscape flag. Knowing this, as you write the article; try to use words that you think will be less likely used. For example, instead of using ?beautiful?, try writing ?gorgeous?, or ?attractive.? It will mean the same, but it will have less chances of being flagged by Copyscape. Knowing synonyms will be very useful. However, be careful not to use synonyms that you do not fully understand. For example if you wrote a valid synonym replacement like ?Jennifer Aniston is handsome? it will not go down well with her fans.

    Use Adjectives
    ? there are times when whatever synonym you use will still be flagged by Copyscape. So the next thing to do is add an adjective. Let us use again the ?Jennifer Anniston is beautiful.? We could then add an adjective to increase the chance that it won?t be flagged by Copyscape. Try writing ?Jennifer Aniston is exquisitely beautiful? or maybe ?Jennifer Aniston is amazingly beautiful.? Be more creative on how you write your sentences.

    Change your sentence structure
    ? the usual and most commonly used sentence structure is the direct sentence, or when the subject comes first in the sentence. Try putting the subject at the end of the sentence at times in your article, especially if you feel that writing in a direct sentence structure is too common.

    Be specific ? writing in a more specific way will less likely anger Copyscape. You can be absolutely sure that writing ?This is not the right way? will get flagged by Copyscape. Even if you change it to ?This is the wrong way?, ?This is the improper way?, or ?This is not the correct way? it will still be flagged by Copyscape. However, by being more specific, you can make Copyscape happy. Include proper names or the subjects name if you can. Example: ?Using Capsiplex without working out is not the right way.? It will make Copyscape happier as well as add to your word count.

    Use Quotes (? ? )
    ? if using copying three consecutive words is really needed, use quotes with it. Copyscape will not detect words enclosed by quotes as plagiarized items. However, doing this is not really advisable. Try using any of the tricks mentioned above before resulting to this one. Why? Because your article will really look ugly and if the article were to be used for an article submission site, like ezinearticles, it will reject it, even if Copyscape passed it.

    If you?ve tried all the tricks above and still Copyscape is screaming mad at you. Just delete the flagged sentence and replace it with your words.

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    who cares about copyscape certainly not hehe
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    I'm a Copyscape user, so thanks for this, mate. However, I don't 100% agree with using quotation marks. I believe it's always safer to paraphrase quotations. ;)