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    Hello guys! How are you today? :)
    I'm internet marketer for more then 5 years now and i love what i do...i started as graphic designer working on freelancer and odesk and elance..then i started working on warriorforum selling wso's and all that kind of stuff, and recently i opened website with my partner and i'm currently living only from that(which is great) but i have some questions for experienced seo gurus out there, and people who understand seo and all that more then i do...
    I need tips and advices what am i doing wrong, i know there are hundreds of tutorials and videos etc..and i watched a lot! So i'm not expert in that, but i know basics and maybe a bit more...what i'm trying to ask is couple of questions because i'm not satisfied how my rankings are like(i have this website almost 2 years now)
    I agreed with my partner not to tell this niche, and i'm sorry for that. But this is not that important.
    I built this website on wordpress, and on homepage i have typical homepage with categories on top leading to my inner pages each of them targeting 10-15keywords, but those kw's are not on webpage alone because i don't know if it is good to place so many in one page, then another 10-15 on another somewhere along the article and images i placed maybe 2-5 keywords per page and i named images correctly, each category is leading to another and they create silo or how is it called, and on every page i have payment buttons with options for people to buy that is how i make money..
    I'm using this system: Link emperor soldier plan with 8 blasts(if someone is using them they will know) and i tweaked and change their link building settings to suit my needs(at least i hope that), i'm using about 100 keywords, and i have 6 categories so that is about 16 keywords per page alone. I researched myself keywords and using some gigs and wso's and i use serpbook to track them. So i placed 100 keywords in link emperor, and they build links every day to my tier1(which i added manually-i don't like theirs).
    So my questions:

    1. i'm using only web2.0 and some social bookmarks and document sharing websites with unique articles on them as tier 1(i have about 100 tier1) and each tier1 has at least 1 kw i want to rank for. Is this good or maybe i'm doing something wrong...etc
    2. should i use more keywords maybe(like 200-500) but don't place them on website, and make for each one tier1, like web2.0 and social bookmark, forum.etc but high quality and place them all in link emperor.
    3. what should i buy to improve my rankings, because from 100 keywords in top 10 i'm ranking only 10-15, others are all in top 20-30 and others in top 200. Should i focus only on those on page 2 and 3 and build lots of tier 1 for those and blast links as tier2 to tier1?
    4. i'm thinking about opening blog on my website and placing unique articles each they there related to my niche and every one and there place some anchor text pointing to high relevant domain such as facebook, youtube, wikipedia...etc and sometimes placing my tier1 as anchor and sometimes placing my website(inner categories as anchor)?
    5. should i make my articles on website much much longer without many images and icons, and place like 3-5 keywords i want to rank there or even more..or something like that?

    If someone can help me and tell me if i'm doing this wrong or simply i'm in strong niche and i'm doing fine, everything is appreciated. I really want to learn this and i learned seo tutorials for more then 2 years now but nothing worked for me amazingly except for this now(which i'm satisfied but i see that this can be scaled a lot)
    Thank you for reading, and again sorry for so many words here, and maybe my grammar skills :)

    I wish you all the best!